OYO maintains a high-quality umpire program. Any individual age 11 (as of January 1, 2023) or older may apply, participate on trainings and experience a great part-time job making the call. As part of the process, applicants must register online, take the umpire exam and attend the mandatory clinics.

All first year umpires will start out umpiring 8U Softball, Junior Rookie Baseball and Rookie Baseball games, unless prior approval is obtained from the umpire committee.

The process OYO uses to train and select our umpires is as follows:



1. NOW OPEN! |All prospective umpires must register online.

2. Sunday, February 5 or Sunday, February 12 | All prospective umpires must attend one ​Rules Clinic​ at Jenn Park.

  • Younger Division Umps| ​Noon-2 p.m. ​| ​8U Softball, Junior Rookie and Rookie Baseball
  • Older Division Umps|​ 2-4 p.m. ​|​ 10U, 12U and 14U/16U Softball, Minor, Super Major, Junior/Senior Baseball

3. February 13-24, 2023 | All prospective Umpires must take an “open book” Online Test that will be open (Details forthcoming)

4. Sunday, February 26, 2023 | All prospective umpires must attend the Test Review Clinic​ at Jenn Park.

5. Sunday, March 12, 2023 | All selected umpires must attend a Mechanics Clinic at Jenn Park.

  • Younger Division Umps|​ Noon-2 p.m. ​| ​8U Softball, Junior Rookie and Rookie Baseball
  • Older Division Umps|​ 2-4 p.m. ​|​ 10U, 12U and 14U/16U Softball, Minor, Super Major, Junior/Senior Baseball

6. Saturday, April 8, 2023 | All umpires participated in umpire training sessions during OYO Scrimmage Games at OYO.



Umpires can review the respective two-hour clinics from this past season below by level:



All interested umpires should take the time to complete the online exam for the highest level they aspire to umpire in during the 2023 seasons. The exam is "open book", and all umpires are encouraged to reference notes from the rules review clinics, the OYO-specific rules available online and/or the NFHS rule book to complete the exam.

TESTING PROCESS | Please note, test takers may only complete the exam once. So, we strongly recommend you download the test questions (actual exam questions to be posted in February 2023) for your respective level below, complete the test on paper and then login to complete the online exam. Please allow approximately one hour to complete the exam.

TEST-RELATED QUESTIONS | If you have questions about specific questions or the exam process, please email Anthony DeSanto, Frank Ampil or Michael DeSanto. If you have questions for which level exam you should complete, please contact Anthony DeSanto or Frank Ampil. All new umpires ages 16 and younger should complete the Junior Rookie-Rookie-8U Softball exam at this time.

ELIGIBILITY-RELATED QUESTIONS | If you have questions about which test level you should complete with this exam, please email the OYO Umpire Committee.

HELPFUL DOCUMENTS | The downloadable PDFs are sample test questions that umpires may experience when taking the exam in 2023.



Umpires will be selected based on their attendance and participation at the clinics, as well as their test scores. Selected umpires are expected to wear a navy blue umpire shirt, navy blue umpire hat (no logos), and gray pants.  *Umpires will not be paid for the clinics.

  • All umpires must complete the free online registration via LeagueApps.
  • All umpires must have access to an email account and the internet
  • All communication is done via email and All game scheduling is done on the internet
  • All umpires must attend the clinics, take the exam and sign the Code of Conduct and Release and Waiver of Liability forms, regardless of past experience.
  • The online Officials Registration must be completed prior to clinics.



For more information, contact one of the following members of the OYO Umpire Committee: