Safety Policy

In an effort to keep OYO participants and spectators safe, OYO has adopted two safety policies that will be observed and implemented by our Advisors on Duty (AODs) for severe weather situations:

  • Thunderstorms and Lightning
  • Extreme Heat


Policy applies to rec and travel leagues utilizing OYO Facilities

Lightning has the capability to travel up to 10 miles outside of a storm’s perimeter and by the time thunder is heard, a storm is approximately 3-5 miles away, OYO will adopt the following in regard to lightning safety.

“It you hear it, clear it.” | “If you see it, flee it.”

  • At first sound or sight of thunder or lightning by an OYO Advisor on Duty (AOD), the fields will be cleared via an announcement by the AOD and three short horn blasts. All players and spectators will need to return to their vehicles and remain in the parking lot until games are either cancelled or resumed. If no vehicle is available, the only building on OYO premises that is considerate a “substantial” dwelling is the main concession stand/restroom – players should be directed there.
  • Play will be suspended for 15 minutes after the first sound or sighting of thunder and lightning and if more is seen or heard, the clock will “restart”. The number of times the clock will be reset will depend on the situation of the day of play. Weeknight games and Saturday games will have different needs and capabilities in terms of time needed to complete postponed games if the weather clears. Tournaments will certainly have more extenuating circumstances in the need to continue postponing rather than canceling games. This will be at the discretion of the AOD’s for all regular rec season and rec tournament games. For travel ball and weekend tournaments, this will be at the discretion of the tournament directors and travel commissioners.
  • Games are considered postponed until the AOD or tournament directors determine the games cannot be finished. At this time, there will be an announcement made followed by one long horn blast. If weather and safety permit, AODs will make rounds in the parking lot via golf cart to aid in official communication on game status.



Policy applies to rec leagues utilizing OYO Facilities

The heat index is the main determinant in appropriate outdoor activity. While it is important for athletes to stay hydrated in all circumstances, in extreme heat, it is essential that coaches, parents, and league officials provide a safe environment for play.

  • When the heat index exceeds 95 degrees, AODs will make frequent announcements (approximately every 30 minutes) to remind coaches, umpires and parents to make sure the athletes are taking breaks and taking in fluids.

When the heat index exceeds 105 degrees, it will be at the discretion of the AODs to cancel or reschedule games as they feel appropriate and safe.