Winter Workouts

Every winter, we welcome all baseball and softball players to come join us indoors to knock off that winter rust with our Winter Workouts program!


This is open to past OYO players, prospective OYO players and ballplayers in the community just looking for a chance to get some off-season practice in before the spring season starts.


OYO is pleased to offer an off-season workout program to help any  baseball and/or softball player knock the rust off in preparation of the upcoming season. While we recognize many of our players are active with other sports and commitments during the winter months, OYO hosts these sessions to give everyone the opportunity to work on fundamentals.


All sessions are taught by OYO coaches and volunteers. All winter workouts will be held indoors at a local, northeastside facility (such as Incrediplex, Athletic Revolution or 84 Yard). Sessions are held by age groups and sport to allow more individualized and age-level skill-based sessions.


Details are announced in December/January each year.