Financial Assistance

Oaklandon Youth Organization (OYO) is an all-volunteer youth baseball and softball organization providing recreational leagues for children, regardless of ability, in a “fair play” atmosphere.  Consistent with the philosophy of one of our organization’s founders, Bill Sturm, the OYO Board of Directors believes every child with a desire to learn and play baseball and softball should be provided with an opportunity to play.


There are many expenses necessary to keep OYO successful.  This includes general field maintenance, equipment upkeep and purchases, as well as park and field improvements. These expenses are paid through sponsor donations and registration fees.  Yet, we understand the occasional need to allow an extended time period to pay registration fees or registration assistance – also known as scholarships.


To simplify the process, we have implemented some changes for Payment Plans and Scholarships beginning with our 2018 spring season.


Payment Plan

It is no longer necessary to request a payment plan for you to receive extra time to pay ballplayer fees.  We have worked the payment plan option into the OYO LeagueApps Registration Process.  You may now make installment payments online using your debit or credit card.  The initial payment is required at the time of registration and the payment plan will show a breakdown of your payments and their due dates, which are built into the system.

In addition, we will no longer be manually registering ball players if there are outstanding, prior season, balances   All past due balances must be paid in full prior to registering for an upcoming season.  You may pay any outstanding balancing by using a debit or credit card through OYO LeagueApps.



If the installment payment plan is not a viable option for you, then you may apply for an OYO Scholarship.  Scholarship funds are limited and will be awarded by the Executive Board.   All applications will remain confidential.  There are a few additional criteria that must be met in order to be eligible.

  • Request must be made using our electronic request form.  You may access the form here: SCHOLARSHIP REQUEST
  • Request must be received before the late registration date.
  • Scholarships may not be granted to more than two players per family, unless special circumstances are approved by the OYO Executive Board.
  • Any player who received a scholarship grant to participate in the OYO Rec League for the current season is not eligible to be selected or participate on a Rec Travel team, unless all scholarship funds from the current season are reimbursed to OYO.
  • Since the scholarship will cover the complete registration fee, we ask that you attend one of our Field Preparation days.