To provide proper oversight for the Annual Bill Sturm Memorial Tournament, we are asking for each team’s assistance prior to their first game. Team Roster and Code of Conduct forms can be downloaded at bottom of this page.

  • To ensure player eligibility, we are seeking a completed Team Roster (Word or PDF).
  • To ensure sportsmanship, we are seeking a signed Code of Conduct by each player (or parent of players for younger divisions)
  • To ensure each team is properly insured, we are seeking a Certificate of Insurance. 


Coaches also should bring copies of each player’s birth certificate, but they can retain those in the event any player’s eligibility is in question. These do not need to be submitted.


Please bring hard copies of each completed document and turn them in to the check in table at least 30 minutes before your first game near Field 6. We are not accepting emailed copies of these completed forms. Thank you for your assistance, cooperation and understanding


Lastly, these forms must be received from each participating team — including Oaklandon teams. If not received, we may stop the game in progress until missing forms are completed and submitted — and we will be unable to add time back on the game clock during this stoppage in order to ensure the day remains on schedule.