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(1) Teamwork. (2) Diversity. (3) True to our roots. (4) The OYO Way. (5) 46 years and counting. (6) Baseball and softball for every age, every skill level. (7) Recreational and instructional. (8) Good stewards of our assets. (9) A safe and happy place for ballplayers, coaches and families. (10) Full-service park with 13 fields, 3 batting cages, 2 concession stands/restrooms. (11) An all-volunteer organization working tireless to coach young resilient ballplayers, maintain the park, improve the fields and much more. (12) Memorable experiences and opportunities aplenty for all.


While the popular Frank Bunker Gilbreth's novel features the catchy title "Cheaper by the Dozen", it is not always feasible to operate and manage a safe and responsible youth baseball and softball program featuring more than 1600 players and 1000 families annually by operating "cheaply". As you scroll down and review our table, you will see how your donation of any amount will truly make a difference at OYO for 2021 and beyond!


The Oaklandon Youth Organization provides valuable life lessons to these players and families by combining athletics, character building and personal responsibility. Board members, coaches and parents collaborate to deliver on-the-field and off-the-field instruction that teaches the rewards of hard work, preparation for real-life challenges, habits for success, discipline and respect for others.

Since 2012, Giving Tuesday has been a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities. We hope on December 1, 2020, you will be inspired by the mission of OYO to deliver valuable experiences for ballplayers that can help support -- or even change the trajectory -- ballplayers, families and volunteers.

Especially as the world around us is being challenged in ways we have not experienced in our lifetime, we recognize COVID-19 continues to grip the OYO family and our supportive community. It's impacted everyone professionally and personally. While plans are altered or even paused daily with the latest guidelines and recommendations, OYO is charging full speed ahead to coordinate safe and responsible seasons for our ballplayers during the spring, summer and fall seasons of 2021. So, we hope you will help OYO through your financial support on Giving Tuesday to ensure we can provide the opportunities and infrastructure improvements to meet the increasing demand in our league.


As always, thank you for your time and consideration of support for OYO. We wish you many blessings and much good health this holiday season!


All donations greater than $1000 should be made directly to the OYO Treasurer at The OYO Treasurer will issue an invoice in the amount for payment by check payable to OYO, and this can help keep hundreds of dollars in the organization and not allocated toward online processing and transaction fees. In addition, all donations valued at $250 or more will be awarded an OYO keepsake for their generosity.


DonationBenefit to OYO
$5,000Contributes to rental of equipment and purchase of field aggregate product to completely revamp one ball diamond
$2,500Offsets some of the costs for our liability insurance
$2,000Equipment maintenance or replacement in our full-service concession stands
$1,500Practice balls for all our baseball teams for a year
$1,000Public address system upgrades and light bulb replacements on our lighted fields
$750Technology expenses for online software solutions to operate our league
$500Umpire equipment supplies
$350Uniforms for one full team of baseball or softball players
$250Scorebooks for all teams for a year
$175One month of alarm service to secure our park
$100Fuel to operate our equipment at the park for one month
$75Chalk to line basepaths for one week of games during the season
$50One umpire for one older division game
$25Covers the "gap" between what we charge a family for their ballplayer to play at OYO and what the player actually "costs" OYO