The OYO Way

Guiding principles. They are more than merely a series of slogans to be referenced when the going gets tough. They define and shape any organization that adopts them. And at OYO, we’ve seen how guiding principles can pay off – in what we refer to as our very own The OYO Way.


The OYO Way was developed because we believe the coach-to-player or even board member-to-family relationship can and should last a lifetime.  The friendships among teammates can be just as rewarding.  Yet, they don’t stop there as it can extend to any combination of people involving our fans, ballplayers, coaches, team parents, scorekeepers, board members, umpires, sponsors and more.

When we consider the impact The OYO Way can have in our league, we reflect on four stories we’ve heard recently.

  1. One adult shared how he still keeps in touch, including exchanging Christmas cards, with almost every member of an all-star team he participated on when he was 11 years old.
  2. There’s another story about how one of our parents commented how a ball he received from his coach with a short end-of-season note of encouragement written on it.   The parents commented on the lasting impact the coach had on the now-teenage ballplayer with that ball and how he still proudly displays the ball in his home as a way of remembering those highlights from his childhood.
  3. A parent explained how his child had to do a school homework project requiring him to cite the two teachers who had the most profound impact on his life to date.  The child selected a school teacher and his baseball coach.
  4. And recently, one of our families experienced a very tragic health matter that would require a long road to recovery.  One of the first groups they contacted with an update and a message of gratitude was OYO in response to a remarkable rally of organization and individual support and offers for assistance.


At OYO, the guiding principles we share every season at our coaches’ meetings prior to every spring and fall season are simple:

  • Development – Teach solid fundamental baseball and softball skills to all players
  • Respect –  Create a positive feeling of esteem and memorable experiences for every individual you interact with
  • Life Lessons – Take advantage of opportunities to show players how teamwork can overcome challenges
  • Fairness – Apply fair play standards that encourages players participating in our rec leagues to be rotated regularly
  • Character – Lead by example and demonstrate the impact of volunteerism to your parents and players


Have you seen members of the OYO community carry out “The OYO Way”?  If so, thank them because they represent the best of OYO – and are the very reason OYO is the place to be for you and your ballplayer.