Park Prep Days

At OYO, our all-volunteer grounds crew is focused on making upgrades, maintenance improvements and/or safety enhancements that will provide the best possible experience for every OYO ballplayer. To help accomplish these goals and priorities, we are seeking your volunteer participation. Your efforts will enable us to complete most projects internally and help us keep our registration costs down for every player.  We recommend you bring work gloves, work clothes, and a rake, if it is convenient. We will have volunteers at the park directing you to the tasks which need completed.


Park Prep Day Schedule

Our Park Prep Days will be on select days below for our respective spring and fall seasons. We will provide a Sign-up Genius approximately one week before the Park Prep Day to secure your participation on a project or task that best meets your time and talents. All OYO rec league and full-time travel parents, families, ballplayers and OYO Board Members are expected to volunteer at least one hour on one of the dates each season they are participating.

  • Spring Season | March 12-13, 2022
  • Fall Ball | August 6, 2022


Check-In at Veterans Memorial Park

Please check in near the three-garage barn by Field 2 at the park. At that time, we will let you know where and how you can help. Our volunteer grounds committee will have a comprehensive list of projects around the park.


Considerations for All Coaches and Teams

Here are two special requests for parents and coaches for the Park Prep Days:

  1. During your child’s practice, if you are not coaching on the field, please use that time to help us with small projects around the park. If all our non-coaching parents volunteered one hour, we would receive more than 300 volunteer hours making the park ready for game days each season! You truly can make a difference.
  2. Coaches should be flexible and accommodate any volunteers who may need to come on to the field during their practice time. We have many on-field repairs and improvements to make.  We will be as quick as possible.