Softball Rules

All softball leagues will follow the NFHS rules. However, there are a variety of “house” rules that apply to each league at OYO. Please refer to the attached rules document which contains the latest Spring and Fall Ball rules in a single document.


2024 Softball Rules | Updated 02.24.2024


  • Rule 8, Section 3-D - 08U – On an overthrow from an infield position to first base, all runners are allowed to advance a maximum of two bases from the time the ball is thrown.


  • Rule 4, Section 3 – All Leagues – Catcher Chatter to the Batter in Batter’s Box – Once a pitcher is in contact with the rubber, the catcher may not communicate with the batter until after the pitch (or play) is complete. If a catcher interferes with the batter through verbal communication, the play shall continue as the umpire shall signal Defensive Obstruction and present the option to the offensive team to either accept the outcome of the play or award the batter 1st base and only runners in a force out situation may advance. Note: There shall be one (1) warning per team per game, including Tournament.


  • Rule 6, Section 5 – Softball Pitcher’s Mask – For all softball leagues where a player-pitcher is utilized, the pitcher must wear a face mask while playing the position.