Rainout Policy

Spring Season

Our goal is to communicate a full slate of games to all families by the first week of April so everyone can mark their calendars and never have to contend with the conflicts that often arise from a last-minute announcement of a rescheduled game. As a result, OYO operates on a “limited make-up” policy when it comes to games canceled due to poor weather or field conditions.


As a result, spring season game schedules may be deceiving because of the “extra games” built in to your schedule. While teams in our 8U, 10U and 12U Softball leagues as well as Rookie, Minor and Super Major divisions are scheduled for 15 games, up to three of those games should be considered “extra” games to help offset rainouts. Please note, the same rule applies to baseball leagues, except that Challengers and Tee Ball teams are each scheduled for 14 games and Junior Rookie teams are scheduled for 12 rec season games plus a minimum of two tournament games.


As consistent with past years, our hope is every team will play at least 12 games (some may even play more than that) without the frustrations of conflicts. However, also consistent with past years, it is possible not all teams will play all 12 games due to weather circumstances beyond our control.


Fall Season

During Fall Ball, all teams play doubleheaders on Sundays. Should any or all of those games need to be canceled due to poor weather or field conditions, then they will be rescheduled for the following Saturday. The only Sunday games that will not be rescheduled are the last weekend of regular season games.