Ticketless Treats Offerings for September 6

Once again, to minimize the number of customers standing in lines in between games, we are committed to continuing the post-game treat experience for all our ballplayers in every division. While this remains a team choice, we hope all our teams in every age group will provide the post-game treats using a new ticketless treat process for player treats on Sundays. This offer is available for all age groups.

Treats are $1 per player. Teams traditionally provide treats for each game played daily. (So for teams playing doubleheaders, players typically receive two treats.)

For teams wishing to provide treats for their players following game(s), one parent should approach the concession stand before the game ends and request the pre-selected “Team Treat(s) of the Day”. These can be paid for by cash or credit card. Funds should be collected from each parent on your team accordingly.

The Treat of the Day offers for Game Day 3 | September 6 are Skittles (Original) and Rice Krispies Treats.

Once again, recommended fees to be collected by a team parent or coach to cover these treat purchases all season long are:

  • $11 per player in Tee Ball
  • $12 per player in Junior Rookie
  • $18 per player in all other divisions