Reminder to Check OYO Weatherline by Champion’s Edge on Every Game Day!

We are  so unbelievably sad for the kids scheduled to play on field 5 on Opening Day. We struggle to make that field playable after a heavy rain because it holds so much water. Looking back to the past week, Veterans Memorial Park received a lot of rain Thursday and then again on Friday evening during our uniform distribution process before another round of torrential rain on Saturday afternoon. Yet, we understand many other parts of our nearby community were dry and sunny. Nonetheless three consecutive days of short, but strong downpours, put us in a bind to make Field 5 playable for Sunday’s games.

We sent a text before 8 a.m. on Sunday morning and updated the OYO Weatherline sponsored by Champion’s Edge twice before 10 a.m. as those would be the most consistent and fastest ways to communicate with everyone, reminding them to check the OYO Weatherline by Champion’s Edge (317.767.5170) for field and game updates. Knowing now not everyone has opted to receive texts, we will expand these efforts to also include sending email updates to check the OYO Weatherline for the latest updates, too.

These decisions are never easy, and we know so many people are affected by them. Sometimes they are last-minute decisions. Please know the care of 13 fields is very time consuming and is done by volunteers. We do our very best to ready them all, but sometimes the field conditions are not able to recover in time.

In the future, if there has been rain recently at the park, we will update the weather line with field closures, even if it is a bright sunny day. Please accept our apologies about yesterday’s cancellations, and know we are actively working to make sure as many games can be played as possible on quality ball fields. We are also hoping for no more rain to wash out our fun!