Need Help Accessing Your Team Assignment?

We’ve asked all our head coaches to reach out to you by this weekend to make an introduction and prepare you with their expectations and plans for the upcoming season. Yet, we know everyone is busy and lots is happening as we wrap up school before spring break, plan for timely getaways and coordinate the details for their spring season activities.

Nonetheless, we’re hearing from a number of families seeking assistance on how to best navigate LeagueApps to find their ballplayer’s team information. Here’s a simple six-step process to get where you need to be for the information you need today:

  • Go to
  • Select Manage Player Account in upper right hand corner
  • Be sure username/password are populated and then Login
  • If you don’t go straight to “dashboard”, then select “Dashboard” on red menu bar in upper right hand corner
  • The role/team field should be populated, select hyperlinked Team Name
  • Click to access the Team page, including coach and practice schedule information