Important Reminder about Vehicle Safety

Tip of the day: Keep your cars locked and secure while keeping your valuables and personal belongings out of sight!

Please, please do not leave valuables, purses, electronics, etc. in your car when you come to Veterans Memorial Park. We wish our wonderful park was exempt from theft and vandalism, but it is not. On a very busy, sunny, beautiful Sunday, even with surveillance, we are still not exempt.

As you prepare to come to the ballpark today, next week and for future seasons, we want to remind all our ballplayers and their families to utilize basic safety practices to minimize vehicle theft and vandalism while enjoying a ball game. Please keep all valuables (such as phones, purses, electronics, equipment and other personal belongings) out of view in your trunk and also keep your cars locked and secure at all times. If possible, take valuables with you or preferrably we recommend you leave them at home.

We have had a long track record of safety in our ballpark through the cooperation of our families, and we hope this timely reminder will help reduce future incidents at Veterans Memorial Park.

And, most importantly, please share this information with all your visitors who come to the park to cheer on your favorite ballplayer(s) and team(s)!