Handful of Teams Still in Need of Team Sponsors for 2021 Spring Season

Despite record-setting participation to date, to accommodate the league’s growth the OYO Sponsorship Program is still in need of nearly 15 additional team sponsors to help support our teams. However, we understand with so many newcomers to OYO in 2021, the importance of the OYO Sponsorship Program may not be as familiar to everyone.

In short, OYO relies on the support and generosity of our local business community to help keep fees affordable for all our ballplayers. For example, with all expenses tallied, the cost to operate each division is approximately $30 more than what we charge each individual player. We’ve been fortunate to keep these fees low and affordable (and mostly flat over the past 10 years) courtesy of some amazing business support over the years. With this new generation of players in 2021, we welcome new sponsors who can support OYO in a wide range of ways, including team sponsorships starting at $350 for a Spring Team or $500 for Spring and Fall combo.

As we face a key deadline on Tuesday, March 16, to submit our sponsor line-up to our uniform vendor, time is of the essence. Can you recommend a business that might be willing to sponsor your Tee Ball team this spring? Learn more about our sponsorship program today.

By division, here are the list of teams without a dedicated sponsor assigned at this time. If you know a business who can sponsor a team, send an email to the OYO Sponsorship Committee ASAP! The teams are:

  • 08U Softball | Hoosiers, Irish, Sun Devils
  • Tee Ball | All Teams except Bulls
  • Junior Rookie | Cardinals, Cubs
  • Rookie | Athletics, Braves, Mariners, Orioles
  • Minor | Athletics, Cubs, Orioles, Rays, Reds
  • Super Major | Angels, Dodgers, Red Sox

We truly appreciate your timely consideration of this request — and thank you for choosing OYO as your place for baseball and softball this spring. Let’s Play Ball!