Come Celebrate OYO’s 50 Years on Opening Day on April 13!

2024 marks our 50th year of providing baseball and softball experiences to our resilient and magnificent ballplayers and their families. In 1975, our league first welcomed players at fields adjacent to Oaklandon Elementary before relocating in 1995 to Veterans Memorial Park, which has evolved through three comprehensive expansions.


50 Years of OYO is no accident. For five decades, OYO has been a proven example of excellence, greatness and dedication in our community. And our families have jumped in the trenches to make it a very special happy place for all by helping rake the fields to completing park prep day projects; being team parents to helping as assistant coaches; leading all star travel teams to coaching full time travel teams; and helping a player or fan in need to serving as a board member.


So, we’re ready to celebrate the start of our 50th year of baseball and softball during our 2024 Spring Season Opening Day. Check out the flyer below for the full scoop of activities and events planned for the day from parade to carnival-like activities to photo day to equipment sale to ballgames. We’re ready for our 50th year, and we hope you will come join us and help celebrate!


50 Year Milestone Flyer