All head coach applicants and those interested in being assistant coaches should attend this important pre-season meeting. The 2024 Spring Season Coaches Meeting is set for Thursday, February 29 from 7-9 p.m. at Jenn Park, 10450 East 63rd Street in Lawrence.

This meeting is specifically for all head coaches and interested assistant coaches in all our divisions.

We take player development and enjoying the experience seriously at OYO. For those who have attended in the past, this meeting will be facilitated differently, especially in the content shared and the impact you have on the eventual team development. In short, there are some very important new guidelines and protocols for coaches to follow and participation is requested of all head coaches.

In addition, all assistant coaches are encouraged to attend and participate this annual coaches meeting. Please note, at OYO, we do not conduct an actual player draft, rather commissioners will use feedback from this meeting and a formula per our team development guidelines to finalize teams following the conclusion of the meetng.

If you have any questions about coaching or division-related matters at OYO — or for additional questions about OYO’s operations, planning and preparation for the upcoming Spring Season — please contact:

As always, thank you for all you do for OYO’s ballplayers and families and thank you for choosing OYO as your place for baseball and softball this spring!