Be Sure Your Ballplayer Is Registered, Then Go Recruit a Friend, Too!

Be Sure Ballplayer Is Registered | As warmer weather arrives in March putting the winter blasts behind us once and for all, the word is out OYO is the place to be this spring. Our team counts in each division are set and roster openings are limited! So, if you have not yet registered, we encourage you to act fast! Register today!
Recruit-a-Friend Offer Continues* | If you have registered, now’s the time to encourage a friend to register while they can be guaranteed a roster spot as most teams only have two openings left! Based on experience and past trends, nearly 200 additional players will register over the next few weeks as they discover the baseball and softball season has begun in earnest and don’t want to miss out on the action. And, we welcome your help in reminding them they can still play ball at OYO! Go recruit more of your favorite ballplayer’s friends to join OYO’s 2021 Spring Season. These roster openings will go fast! Don’t delay, share the news to register today!
* To take advantage of this exclusive Recruit-a-Friend offer, families need to register their ballplayer(s) online and indicate the desired play-together request in the comments section at the time of registration. Each request will be granted if space is available on the requested team’s roster and team balance will not be impacted. Please note, we will not move players previously assigned to create openings and this offer is not eligible for any registration completed prior to March 9 as we have thoroughly reviewed all requests and granted as many as possible while retaining balanced teams.
Thank you for choosing OYO as your place for baseball and softball — now help someone you know do just the same!