OYO Photo Day Set for Saturday, April 13 | Order Photos Today!

OYO Parents, Coaches and Players:


H&R Photography is excited to be back for the 50th year of OYO baseball and softball! If you have been with OYO the past several years, you are well acquainted with H&R Photography and the partnership it has formed with OYO.


The 2024 Spring Season Photo Day is on Saturday, April 13, and will begin shortly following the conclusion of the Opening Day Parade. Use this link to access the complete photo schedule for OYO Photo Day.


If you would like to order photos (especially for this special 50th year anniversary season) all orders must be completed online.  Your coaches will not have order forms.


ORDER ONLINE AT WWW.HANDRPHOTO.COM. To place your order, visit www.handrphoto.com — and the site will walk you through your order.


H&R Photography will have paper order forms available on site the day of the photo shoot.


Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled photo time as qw often run ahead of schedule. If your team is all there and ready before your photo time, there is a good chance we will be able to get you in and out early.


Ready, Set, Smile!
The OYO Board of Directors