Team Treats Carry On at OYO This Spring

Here’s an overview about the Treat Ticket process for the 2021 Spring Season. These improvements and changes were made to ensure we continue to offer the same post-game experience for all our ballplayers in a safe and responsible manner during these challenging times.

Teams have two options for purchasing Team Treats for their players. These include either (1) purchasing treat tickets for the season with the money collected from teams and rotating the purchase of treats to one parent for each game or (2) the team parent can just purchase treats during a transaction on game days and buy the appropriate number of treats for the team.

If needed, treat tickets can be purchased at the concession stands for $1 each. They can be used to buy treats like popsicles, ice cream popcorn and candy. For the 2021 Spring Season, we are asking just a team parent or another representative from the team to come to the stand on behalf of the team to minimize large numbers of kids at the concession stands at once. Treats are a highlight for the kids, for sure!

To further help Team Parents plan for the Treat Ticket purchase experience, see attached for a summary of all the options available to a team for their post-game treat. A team parent can pick one item for the whole team or can pick and choose from the list to meet individual preferences, too.

We appreciate you creating a fun game-day experience for your team’s ballplayers and families. As always, thank you for choosing OYO as your place for baseball and softball.

Treat Ticket Options_2021