Sanitation Practices at OYO

We urge coaches (and parents) to have a large bottle of hand sanitizer, a spray bottle of disinfectant (isopropyl alcohol works great) and paper towel and clorox wipes with you when you come to practice. In the times we are currently living in, these practices are going to be commonplace and necessary, even in the games of baseball and softball. Suggestions for the use of these items include:

  • Have the players, coaches, and parents that are actively involved in practice sanitize their hands when they arrive.
  • Continue to sanitize hands sporadically throughout practice.  Maybe whenever they take a quick drink, also take a quick pump of sanitizer.
  • No equipment should be shared, if possible. There is not enough catcher’s gear for each catcher to have his/her own, so in that instance, a spray disinfectant and paper towel will sanitize catcher’s gear for the next player. If bats or helmets must be shared, please sanitize them in the same manner.
  • We understand as coaches, you already have so much going on at your practices. So, we encourage you to designate a dugout parent, no matter what age group you coach, to help keep the dugout/player area/equipment tidy, separate as much as possible and sanitized.