Park Prep Days at the Ballpark Set for March 21-22

Make a difference in your overall experience this spring by lending a helping hand to prepare the park for a season of ballgames and visitors.

As we prepare to open our 46th season of baseball and softball at Veterans Memorial Park, we are encouraging all our families to come open the park to ensure a memorable experience for all our fans and families. As an all-volunteer organization, OYO relies on and needs the support of all our families to help ensure our park is ready during our first week of practices.

We’re asking all coaches, full-time travel famlies, rec league parents and other willing volunteers (including ballplayers) to come out and assist with basic chores small and large to prepare our park for the start of the season. This season’s Work Day schedule is:

  • Saturday, March 21 from Noon-4 p.m.
  • Sunday, March 22 from Noon-4 p.m.

Please note, if weather forces us to cancel a scheduled work day, we will update the OYO Weatherline (317.767.5170). Please check the Weatherline before coming out to the park, if the weather is questionable.

While we don’t anticipate family members to be able to lend their hand for four hours on either day this weekend, we hope every family can volunteer at least an hour or two to improve the quality of the surroundings at the ballpark. This can be particularly convenient while your ballplayer is practicing. Please come out and make a difference — one that will improve your family’s experience all season long. And, we recommend you wear old shoes and bring work gloves.

Thanks for choosing and supporting OYO!

Park Prep Day Punch List_Preliminary Version