OYO Weatherline Sponsorship Available (and a few others, too!)

Thanks to some amazing support from around our league and the local business community, we have successfully sold nearly 95% of all corporate sponsorship packages and team sponsorships. OYO relies on the support and generosity of our local business community to help keep fees affordable for all our ballplayers. For example, with all expenses tallied, the cost to operate each division is approximately $30 more than what we charge each individual player. We’ve been fortunate to keep these fees low and affordable (and mostly flat over the past 10 years) courtesy of some amazing business support over the years. And 2021, proved to be no different and, in fact, exceeded all expectations in a challenging pandemic year.

That said, we’re not finished yet!

We have one new sponsorship package still available for the 2021 Spring Season. It’s our Squeeze Play Package, which provides naming rights to The OYO Weatherline for the enture year.  The package offers a promotional opportunity where we will include a mention of your company name and brief message at the beginning of each recorded message. The Weatherline is used to provide game day updates during the spring, summer travel and fall ball seasons. In addition, this sponsor will receive one 2′ x 4′ banner displayed around the ballpark and the company’s logo will be listed on the OYO website. The package is priced at $1,500, but since this is new in 2021, we’ll consider $1,500 or best offer.

In addition, we also have the following sponsorship options available, including:

  • MVP Package | $2,000 (per field) | Sponsorships for Fields 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 … all other fields have been sold
  • Team Sponsorships | $350-500 | Four teams in our older divisions are still seeking a team sponsor ($350 for Spring Season only or $500 for Spring/Fall Seasons)

Learn more about our sponsorship program today. We truly appreciate your timely consideration of this opportunity!