Come Make a Difference | Join the 2020 OYO Board!

The OYO Board of Directors is working hard to make a difference for each and every ballplayer, including your own! And, there are still several positions seeking a nominee, so jump in and volunteer!

The 2019-20 OYO Board consists of 40 volunteers, who work tirelessly to uphold The OYO Way and continue to grow our program to serve more than 1600 ballplayers and 1000 families each year. Now, we want you to become part of the action and help continue the tradition of a great program for all our rec league and travel participants!

The OYO Board is still welcoming nominations for volunteers to assume the responsibilities for one of three remaining positions on the 2020 OYO Board. If you are interested in fulfilling any of these positions, please send an email to the OYO BoardThe positions include (and details for each position are attached below):

  • Registration Chairperson
  • Rules and Training Chairperson
  • Umpire Scheduling Chairperson

General Responsibilities | All Board Members:

  • Attend and participate in board meetings (approx. eight per year)
  • Serve AOD shifts during spring and fall seasons
  • Represent the very best of OYO at all times
  • Fulfill duties of chairperson role and keep appropriate executive board members informed

Registration Chairperson:

  • Responsible for setting registration dates
  • Develop online registration process, including all automated email communication
  • Coordinate collection of all registration fees for those using online payment plans, verifying age of registrants and fielding all inquiries from families.
  • Maintain and circulate registration trend report for each season to help commissioners project number of teams and coaches required

Rules and Training Chairperson:

  • Responsible for submitting league rules to the Board of Directors and ensuring the enforcement of said rules by umpires
  • Responsible for training and evaluation of all coaches, including coaches clinics
  • Responsible for reviewing and assessing player evaluation process completed by coaches and used by commissioners to develop teams

Umpire Scheduling Chairperson:

  • Oversee development of online registration tool for umpires in League Toolbox
  • Assist with communication to prospective and selected umpires before and during spring and fall seasons, as well as OYO-sanctioned tournaments (e.g. Manlove and Sturm tournaments)
  • Serve on committee to help select umpire team for season
  • Monitor umpire evaluation forms and provide feedback to umpire chairperson
  • Collaborate with Umpire Committee in selecting and scheduling umpires for rec league and all-star tournaments, etc.