Get the Lowdown on How OYO Works on March 3

Come join us for our New Family Orientation to better understand the programs we offer and what to expect throughout the 2020 seasons!

OYO will host its annual New Family Orientation for all interested new and returning families preparing for the 2020 Spring Season. During this meeting, we will introduce families to the league’s history, values, programs and logistics. This exclusive session for all OYO families will provide you with the answers to common questions and lay out what you can expect during the season. 

The meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 3 at 7 p.m. at Louis J. Jenn Memorial Park, located at 10450 East 63rd Street (Indianapolis). While this meeting is for the parents, please don’t let a lack of child care arrangements for your ballplayer(s) keep you from attending. So, bring your kids along too before missing out on this important meeting!

Thanks again for choosing OYO for your baseball and softball experience.