“Fill The Uniform” Offer Is Back! Go Recruit a Friend!

Even in the midst of the uncertainties around COVID-19 this fall, one thing is certain — ballplayers and families are returning to OYO for their “Return to Play” season. With nearly 50 teams and more than 500 players, we’re on pace for a fun, productive Fall Ball season!

Now, to quickly complete all rosters, we’re bringing back the popular “Fill The Uniform” campaign to help complete all our rosters at maximum capacity. And with less than 50 roster spots available across 10 divisions, these spots will go fast! In fact, 17 of our 50 teams now are full and unable to add any additional players. Here’s the breakdown by division:

  • 08U Softball | 5 openings available across all four teams
  • 10U Softball | 3 openings available across three teams
  • 12U Softball | 5 openings available across three teams
  • 14u/16U Softball | 1 opening available on one team
  • Tee Ball | 10 openings available across all six teams
  • Junior Rookie | Sold Out! Waiting list formed
  • Rookie | 6 available openings across four teams
  • Minor | 6 available openings across five teams
  • Super Major | 7 available openings across four teams
  • Junior Baseball | 7 available openings across four teams

As with any offer, the “Fill The Uniform” offer to recruit a friend to OYO comes with specific terms:

  • Team balance remains our top priority and we will assess all registrations to ensure team balance can be maintained; and, if not, players will be notified and assigned to a different team
  • New player registration must be received starting July 27 (past registrations are not eligible)
  • There must be an open roster spot on your team (we will not move players already assigned to make room for requests)
  • If a team requested is at maximum capacity, then the player registered will be assigned to the team with the least number of players in the division

Register today to secure a roster spot for your ballplayer for 2020 Fall Ball Season! Tell your friends, classmates and neighbors there’s still space for them this fall. Register online today and join a team for practices starting August 2!

Below is a summary of the roster spots still remaining by team as of July 31, 2020 at 11 p.m. And, be sure to expand “Show Entries” field above the table to “Max” to see all teams! 🙂

This list will be updated by 8 a.m. each morning to reflect players assigned to teams during the previous 24 hours.

Team# Roster Openings
08U - Bruins0
08U - Blue Devils1
08U - Bulldogs1
08U - Irish1
10U - Ducks0
10U - Gators0
10U - Hoosiers0
10U - Tigers0
12U - Buckeyes1
12U - Bulldogs1
12U - Tigers1
14U/16U - Boilermakers0
14U/16U - Ducks0
14U/16U - Gators0
14U/16U - Hoosiers0
TB - Bandits1
TB - Bats (formerly Express)1
TB - Iron Pigs2
TB - Lugnuts2
TB - Raptors0
TB - Scrappers3
JRO - Braves0
JRO - Cubs0
JRO - Pirates0
JRO - Red Sox0
JRO - White Sox0
RB - Cubs1
RB - Diamondbacks0
RB - Giants1
RB - Mariners0
RB - Pirates1
RB - Yankees0
MB - Angels0
MB - Athletics1
MB - Diamondbacks1
MB - Orioles0
MB - Rockies1
MB - Yankees1
SM - Cardinals0
SM - Dodgers2
SM - Orioles0
SM - Rays1
SM - Red Sox1
JBB - Cardinals2
JBB - Marlins1
JBB - Rangers2
JBB - Reds0
JBB - Royals1
JBB - White Sox0
JBB - Yankees0