Be in the Know: The OYO Weatherline

At OYO, we have the official OYO Weatherline to communicate important cancellation information. The Weatherline is used exclusively for game days, Park Prep days and travel tournament details. It is not used for rec league practice decisions.

All practice decisions are left to the coaches. Please check with your coach to determine if you are or are not having practice when the weather is questionable (and fields are not closed by the league).

The OYO Weatherline number is 317.767.5170. We use the weatherline to communicate cancellations for game days — and we do our best to update the Weatherline early on game days (approx. one hour before games begin).. So, add the OYO Weatherline (317.767.5170) to your favorites and check it before heading to the ballpark on game days.

Here is one very important clarification: If we cancel a full slate of activities scheduled for the park, then no activity should take place on the fields, including ad hoc practices, travel games, etc.

Thank you for your understanding and support.