Board of Directors

The affairs of OYO shall be governed by a Board of Directors composed of executive board officers, chairpersons, commissioners, and coordinators.

The Board of Directors is led by eight elected officers serving two-year terms. The board also includes 15 committee chairpersons (some of which feature co-chair positions) and 15 league commissioners, all of whom are elected to one-year terms.

Elections are held annually at the September board meeting. For more information or submit a nomination, please contact the OYO President or OYO Secretary.

All directors are subject to a background check by the State Police and/or an investigative agency for arrests in activities such as, but not limited to, embezzlement, child abuse, spousal abuse, child molestation, and other felony convictions. In the event of an unfavorable check, the person in question will be reviewed and voted on by the Executive Board.


Board Position Board Member
PRESIDENT* Matt Martin
Survey Chair Vacant
Concessions Manager Jeff Sparks
EXECUTIVE VP* Michael DeSanto
Challengers Commissioner Cindy Verbarg
Tee Ball Commissioner Sarah Pleasant
Junior Rookie Commissioner Brittany Anderson
Rookie Ball Commissioner Dean Freije
Minor Commissioner Larry Stone
Super Major Commissioner Matt Welp
Junior/Senior Baseball Commissioner Damon Mink
Uniforms Chairperson Jen Wilson
1ST VP* Sam Mathis
Equipment Chair Dennis Lewton
Grounds Co-Chair Justin Sturm
Grounds Co-Chair Vacant
Scheduling Chair Lisa Langsford
Safety Chair Carey York
2ND VP* Mike Springer
8U Commissioner Kimberly Knox
10U Commissioner Alison Kramer
12U Commissioner Paul Phalen
14U/16U Commissioner Kimberly Knox
Co-Ed Softball Commissioner Danae Horban
VP TRAVEL* Brittany Anderson
Tournament Chair Larry Stone
Travel Baseball Commissioner Johnny Goldfinger
Travel Softball Commissioner Curtis Dillman
Umpire Scheduling Chair Nicole Tschudy
Umpire Training Chair Henry Barcena
Rules Chair Russell Brown
SECRETARY* Danae Horban
Information Director Keshia Wilson
Public Relations Chair Nicolle Jordan
Team Parent Chair Angie Mattingly
TREASURER* Jayme Yoder
Registration Co-Chair Donna Callahan
Registration Co-Chair Vacant
Ways & Means Chair Scott Maskel
* Denotes Executive Board Member