Board of Directors

The affairs of OYO shall be governed by a Board of Directors composed of executive board officers, chairpersons, commissioners and coordinators.

The Board of Directors is led by nine elected officers serving two-yearterms. The board also includes 21 committee chairpersons (some of which feature co-chair positions) and 15 league commissioners, all of whom are elected to one-year terms.

Elections are held annually at the September board meeting. For more information or submit a nomination, please contact the OYO President or OYO Secretary.

All directors are subject to a background check by the State Police and/or an investigative agency for arrests in activities such as, but not limited to, embezzlement, child abuse, spousal abuse, child molestation, and other felony convictions. In the event of an unfavorable check, the person in question will be reviewed and voted on by the Executive Board.


Each and every family at OYO has their reasons for choosing OYO as their place for baseball and softball. Over the years, we’ve learned families choose — and return to — OYO for many reasons, ranging from our diversity to our focus on equality, from the commitment to player development to game day experiences, from the quantity of teams to the quality of coaching, from the family atmosphere to the park’s proximity, from the concession stand service to the quality of umpiring, and from our Challenger program to rec league to multi-level travel program.


Since 1975, OYO has been blessed with some amazing OYO board volunteers, who collaborate to form dedicated and dutiful board of director groups led by some impressive and selfless OYO Presidents. In 2021, we encourage each and every OYO family to take the time to meet our next OYO President, Brittany Anderson. If you’ve met or collaborated with Brittany before, then you’ve experienced firsthand her ability to craft a vision, rally others around an important cause, execute the finest of details and not only achieve — but also exceed — all expectations and goals. And, if you have not met her, then we are confident you will before her time as OYO President expires and understand why OYO is rallying around her engaging personality, people-friendly demeanor and results-focused approach.


In early 2020, the OYO Executive Board began to contemplate about the next generation of OYO board members. With a focus on delivering a compelling, productive and memorable experience for each and every ballplayer and family, we discussed the characteristics, skills and traits needed in this capacity to continue OYO’s trajectory of growth and development. When we started identifying who could provide the leadership and vision necessary, we collectively identfied the same tireless volunteer — Brittany Anderson. As you will soon discover, Brittany will execute with grace, lead with humility, plan with precision, motivate with compassion and listen with clarity.


An Indianapolis native and Lawrence Central graduate, where she played varsity softball, Brittany has been a baseball and softball coach at OYO since 2017. She has a wonderful husband, Kevin Anderson, and three children with diplomacy well beyond their years — including two who play rec ball and rec travel baseball and softball at OYO. She has served on the OYO Board for the past three years, including roles of Junior Rookie Commissioner and Vice President of Travel. In both roles, she spearheaded significant growth in those divisions by increasing Junior Rookie participation by nearly 33% year over year and more than doubled our full-time travel participation for 2021 (and achieving the second highest number of FTT players at OYO ever in a single season). While those numbers are impressive in and of itself, just by looking at the retention of coaches, the roster similarities year over year and the overall satisfaction of our travel families, you have witnessed Brittany’s impact first hand.


Through her steady leadership, guidance and dedication, Brittany’s visible presence will uphold the values and ideals of our rec league and travel programs while ensuring full compliance with our policies and memories for all. Most notably, Brittany’s impact has been felt throughout our 2020 Fall Ball season, as we achieved and maintained substantial participation while balancing COVID-19 challenges and protocols. Thank you to Brittany Anderson for her willingness to embrace the call for leadership and accepting the duties of serving as OYO President. The OYO Board of Directors is ready to follow Brittany’s leadership to meet the needs of a league that consists of two Challenger teams, 800+ spring season players, 600+ fall ball players, 100+ full-time travel players, multiple travel tournaments, an amazing umpire crew, a dedicated concession stand staff, awesome fans and spectators and countless volunteers.



Board Position2021 Board Member
President*Brittany Anderson
Executive Vice President*Randy Working
1st Vice President*Justin Sturm
2nd Vice President*Mario Covarrubias
Vice President of Game Day Operations*Michael DeSanto
Vice President of Travel Baseball*Vacant | Learn More
Vice President of Travel Softball*Curtis Dillman
Treasurer*Karen Grese
Secretary*Danae McBride
Equipment ChairpersonDennis Lewrton
Grounds Co-Chairperson Aaron Koehler
Grounds Co-Chairperson Mark Anderson
Grounds Co-Chairperson Trent Shaffer
Grounds Co-Chairperson Josh Ward
Grounds Co-Chairperson Brett Williams
Public Relations ChairpersonNicolle Jordan
Registration ChairpersonKristen Sherman
Rules & Training ChairpersonBrandon Booher
Travel Baseball CommissionerJohnny Goldfinger
Travel Baseball TournamentsLarry Stone
Travel Baseball Training and DevelopmentJosh Pearson
Travel Baseball MarketingBryan Lord
Travel Softball CommissionerVacant | Learn More
Travel Softball TournamentsBrent Brunnemer
Travel Softball Training and DevelopmentChris Rawlins
Travel Softball MarketingKeshia Wilson
Umpires Training ChairpersonAndre Beever
Umpires Scheduling ChairpersonFrancis Ampil
Ways & Means Co-ChairpersonBrittany Anderson
Ways & Means Co-ChairpersonMichael DeSanto
Team Parent ChairpersonBrandi Beard
Uniforms ChairpersonKristina Snider
Scheduling ChairpersonCherisse Anderson
Marketing ChairpersonMichael DeSanto
Survey ChairpersonKendrick James
Safety ChairpersonBrent Kuhn
Challenger CommissionerDale Dye
Tee Ball CommissionerNytasha Ruiz
Junior Rookie CommissionerMike Hunneman
Rookie CommissionerArun Murali
Minor CommissionerVacant | Learn More
Super Major CommissionerCharity Weaver
Junior | Senior Baseball CommissionerJen Wilkinson
8U Softball CommissionerVacant | Learn More
10U Softball CommissionerKeshia Wilson
12U Softball CommissionerVacant | Learn More
14U/16U Softball CommissionerAaron Harding
Co-Ed Softball CommissionerDanae McBride