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PRE-TRYOUT SURVEY | All new prospective players/families must complete the pre-tryout survey before participating in a tryout. Survey can be accessed at www.surveymonkey.com/r/14URedStorm25.


PRE-TRYOUT FLYER | For a snapshot about the upcoming tryout schedule, expectations, team coach and more, view the 2025 14U-B Red Storm tryout flyer!


ELIGIBILITY | For a ballplayer to be eligible for the 14U Red Storm team in 2024-25, the player must be age 14 or younger as of January 1, 2025. This team will be consider players of any birthdate of ages 2010 or later.


TRYOUT SCHEDULE | Every prospective new player must attend one tryout from the following selections. All tryouts will start at 6:30 p.m. on either Field 6 or 7 at OYO/Veterans Memorial Park (12150 East 62nd Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46235). Players are encouraged to arrive at least 20 minutes before the scheduled tryout.

  • Monday, July 15
  • Thursday, July 18
  • Tuesday, July 23


ROSTER FOCUS | When constructing the 2025 14U Full-Time Travel Red Storm team, we will be leveraging a deep, versatile core of existing roster players. For the remaining spots -- projected to be a minimum of two openings and possibly more -- the team is seeking a blend of experience, discipline, work ethic, sportsmanship, mental toughness and teamwork. Each and every player will demonstrate these traits on and off the field. Most notably, we are prioritizing additional players in the areas of catching, pitching and outfield play to support a top-notch defense-first mentality. Offensively, we will feature a lineup that blends power hitters with contact hitters while leveraging speed on the bases, and are seeking either dependable contact hitters or game-changing power hitters.


SCHEDULE SNAPSHOT | The 14U-B Oaklandon Red Storm squad is focused on bringing consistent coaching, a competitive experience, more focused development and higher-level of play to a team of travel ballplayers. The Red Storm squad will provide a balanced environment where team members can also pursue other sports and interests, especially in the offseason. A preliminary schedule for the season includes:

  • July | Team Formed
  • August to October | Weekly practice(s), 6-7 tournaments (mostly one day tournaments)
  • November to December | Minimal Activity, individual lessons encouraged
  • January to March | Indoor workout sessions weekly (location tba) and 3-4 indoor tournaments
  • March to Mid-May | Seek to find a team merger for all non-high-school players and participate in several tournaments
  • Mid-May to Late July | Outdoor practices and 6-7 tournaments
  • Late July | Season concludes


TOURNAMENT LINEUP | The 14U-B Oaklandon Red Storm has a tentative tournament lineup as follows:

FALL (8 tournaments)

  • August 17 | Storm Smash | Oaklandon
  • August 24 | Kickoff Classic | Shelbyville
  • September 7-8 | TBA | TBA (possible overnight out of town team trip)
  • September 20-22 | Fall State | Columbus
  • September 28 | Fall Brawl | Greenwood
  • October 5-6 | Fall Brawl | Fishers
  • October 13 | Breast Cancer Awareness | Columbus
  • October 26 | Pumpkin Bash | Fishers

WINTER (4 tournaments)

  • January 18-19 | Indoor Tournament | TBA
  • February 1-2 | Indoor Tournament | TBA
  • February 15-16 | Indoor Tournament | TBA
  • March 1-2 (or 8-9) | Indoor Tournament (or Outdoor Tournament) | TBA

SPRING (3-4 tournments)

  • Mid-March to Mid-May | We will attempt to combine all players not on a high school roster with another team and play in select tournaments (fees for these tournaments will be collected as we go)

SUMMER (7 tournaments)

  • May 31-June 1 | Tournament | TBA
  • June 7-8 | Tournamernt | TBA
  • June 14-15 | Tournamernt | TBA
  • June 21-22 | Tournamernt | TBA
  • June 28-29 | Tournamernt | TBA
  • July 12-13 | Tournamernt | TBA
  • July 19-20 | Tournamernt | TBA


PLAYER DEVELOPMENT AND PLAYER ROTATIONS | The offseason workouts, endurance conditioning and early season practices will be fundamentals driven. We will adopt and teach singular approaches to key skills, such as hitting, fielding, throwing, baserunning and more. We will offer more flexibility with pitching to accommodate those who are working with pitching coaches to not impact that development or investment. During the Red Storm practices, we will ask all players to learn and become acclimated at multiple positions to build a strong depth chart. As we enter the tournament season, a more structured line-up will be used and tweaked only as needed. Player rotations will occur regularly in alliance gamed and scrimmages, but on a more limited scale during tournaments.


ATTENDANCE EXPECTATIONS | The 14U-B Oaklandon Red Storm believes consistent participation in practices and games is integral to the development of our softball players, a collaborative and supportive culture and the overall experience of our team and program. We also believe participation in other sports positively contributes to the long-term development of our players. So this is a continuous balancing and juggling act.

Please understand attendance is expected for all practices, games and tournaments. It is part of the commitment your player and family is making to their teammates and coaches when accepting to join the 14U-B Oaklandon Red Storm Team.

That said, we also acknowledge 100% attendance at all Red Storm events is nearly possible for this diversely talented and engaged group of lady ballplayers over the course of the season. So, the expectation is players will make every effort to honor their commitment to their team within reason. However, missed practices and games will be taken into consideration in each and every line-up strategy. And it is important to note, the team's head coach does not traditionally alter batting line-ups once a tournament begins in order to keep continuity and set consistent expectations for each game within the tournament.

Legitimate absences include illness, injury, school-sanctioned sporting events, participation in mandatory school and religious activities . Players with an ongoing commitment outside of softball that may affect their attendance (particularly another sport) should consult with the head coach and be cognizant numerous conflicts can impact offensive and defensive assignments/playing time.


TEAM SELECTION PROCESS | Open and individual tryouts will be conducted through Tuesday, July 23. The team will then make selections for all available roster openings by Thursday, July 25, if possible. Depending on the tryout participation level, the head coach may call each family individually or email all families regarding the results of the tryout. Any player offered will be expected to complete the Player Agreement (sample provided) and provide an initial payment of $300 within 48 hours of receiving the offer to join the 2024-25 FTT Red Storm DeSanto squad.


TEAM FEES | A preliminary estimate for individual player fee responsibility is $1,800 before any deductions resulting from successful fundraising and sponsorship recruitment efforts.

If the fee remains at $1800, then each family will need to make a $300 initial payment (cash/check) within 48 hours of accepting the team offer to secure their roster spot. Then each family is responsible for making payments and/or raising funds adhering to the following progressive scale according to the dates listed:

  • October 15, 2024 | $800 in fees/revenue
  • January 15, 2025 | $1300 in fees/revenue
  • March 15, 2025 | $1800 in fees/revenue

This will be managed by the team’s Financial Manager.


ABOUT HEAD COACH | Michael DeSanto has been a mainstay on the travel circuit for baseball and softball for more than 15 years. As the team's head coach, Michael's primary focus will involve player development, practice plans, game day lineups, ongoing communication with all families and providing a safe and fun environment for our softball players. Also a member of the OYO Board of Directors, he volunteers his time to help support all facets of the league's recreational and travel programs. Michael has been coaching baseball and softball teams since 2001.


CONTACT INFORMATION | Michael DeSanto, the 14U-B FTT Red Storm head coach, can be contacted at mdesanto317@gmail.com or 317.345.9006 (mobile).


Create a collaborative approach to player development through a shared vision of engaging teammates, uplifting coaching and positive communication to and from all families, coaches and players. The T.O.R.C.H. guiding principles are:

  • T | Team First | Place team before self and make the sacrifices needed while playing with our best effort to make one another better.
  • O | 100% Effort | Practice, warm-ups, and games as well as school and life, where we are always accountable for our actions.
  • R | Respect | Respect for each and every teammate, family, coach, fan, opponent and umpire we meet throughout the year.
  • C | Coachability | Working toward precision in the fundamentals, rules, strategy and positivity.
  • H | Have Fun | Enjoyment is paramount, and good sports make it fun for all!
2023-24 14U FTT Sponsors_07012024

2025 Sponsorship Support

Our 14U Full-Time Travel Oaklandon Red Storm team is excited to represent The Oaklandon Youth Organization (OYO) throughout Central Indiana during the 2024-25 softball season. Our hardworking team understands we need support from businesses like yours to help offset team expenses such as uniforms, tournament fees, umpire costs, equipment and more. Our annual fees are projected to hover around $20,000 in 2025.

The Red Storm DeSanto team has a full schedule of tournaments -- as many as seven tournaments in the fall, four tournaments in the winter and seven tournaments in the summer -- and we need all the help we can get! All coaches involved volunteer 2-7 days/nights a week to help build these ladies up, in hopes of helping them reach their dreams of making their high school teams and then on to college ball.

We are seeking team sponsorships (starting as low as $150 and continuing upwards to $1500). For the 2023-24 season, we raised nearly $14,000 from more than 25 corporate sponsors. Please consider supporting our squad and our dedicated Red Storm players truly appreciate your consideration and support for our OYO travel team.

Download the 2025 14U Red Storm sponsorship form today to begin offering your support for this amazing team!



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