Vice President of Administration

Reports To:

OYO President


Executive Board Member General Responsibilities

  • Attend scheduled executive board meetings
  • Contribute to long-term strategic growth and management of OYO


Board Member General Responsibilities

  • Attend and participate in monthly board meetings (one per quarter in person, remainder virtual)
  • Serve Advisor on Duty (AOD) shifts during spring and fall seasons (approx. five in spring, three in fall)
  • Represent the very best of OYO at all times (including social media engagement, sportsmanship)
  • Production of all projects, tasks and documents to a high standard within set and stated deadlines
  • Fulfill duties of commissionerrole and keep appropriate executive board members informed


Vice President of Administration Responsibilities

  • Record votes and keep minutes at all official Board of Directors and Executive Board meetings
  • Communicate with full Board of Directors about scheduled meetings and updates
  • Schedule meeting space reservations with the City of Lawrence Parks Department
  • Help develop and establish full-year calendar
  • Maintain the OYO Board of Directors directory
  • Oversee teams focused on coordinating key events and memorabilia orders and working with liaisons to create a positive experience
  • Oversee administrative duties surrounding team equipment and rules management and updates
  • Provide a safe environment and atmosphere for all players, coaches and fans
  • Equipment – Coordinates ordering, stocking, fulfillment, repairing and distributing all rec league and all-star team equipment needs each spring and fall season
  • Player Experience – Handles all aspects of planning and executing Opening Day and Future of OYO events, ordering trophies for tournaments and ribbons for all-star games and ensuring a smooth operation on Picture Day
  • Player/Coach Training – Develop training modules for players and coaches, including onsite clinics by instructors
  • Special Programs – Oversee all special events and ad hoc projects to create an exciting and vibrant atmosphere for families for key player-friendly activities, including but not limited to, Opening Day Parade, Future of OYO Parade, Live Like B Day, rec league all-star games, Indians Knot Hole memberships, used equipment sale and related events
  • Volunteer and Safety – Oversees and coordinates all league policies and procedures to ensure the safety of all players and spectators in addition to assuming responsibilities and efforts to coordinate and manage all recruitment and scheduling of volunteers, including but not limited to Park Prep Days and Advisor on Duty (AOD) activities


About OYO

In 1975, OYO opened its first season of playing baseball on a single field at a nearby elementary school before relocating to Veterans Memorial Park in the late 1990s. We continue to grow at Veterans Memorial Park, which now offers a 14-field, two-concession stand/restroom complex for all our ballplayers, families and visitors. Every spring, summer, and fall, we welcome nearly 2,000 girls and boys from more than 1,200 families. And, our league is organized and operated by an all-volunteer board of more than 45 volunteers.

Over the years, from board to board, coach to coach, team to team, and fan to fan, there has been one steady formula for how OYO operates, called “The OYO Way.” It defines our community. It shapes the OYO Family, which each and every ballplayer, parent and fan experiences. At OYO, the OYO Board of Directors are committed to providing each and every family a positive, memorable experience.


About the OYO Board of Directors

Being an OYO board member is an honor and a privilege at OYO. We are fortunate to have a very diverse board. We have parents volunteering for the board who have children participating in our youngest divisions and those with players in our oldest divisions. We have board member representation from baseball and softball. We have representation from the rec league and from the travel program, too. We welcome a nice balance between moms and dads, aunts and uncles and we also have a blend of those with children participating in the league and those who don't and just enjoy giving back to a program that supported their family over the years.

Since 2000, more than 300 individuals have volunteered their time and talents as board members to help ensure our ballplayers and families could truly enjoy their OYO experience each season. Being a board member is fun and rewarding, too. As an OYO board member, you will find great satisfaction in rolling up your sleeves and jumping in the trenches to work with fellow board members who work tirelessly for the children and families of OYO. You will have the opportunity to share ideas, develop strategies, vote on new policies and procedures and create OYO for today and the future.