Only Six Board Positions Available for 2019-20 OYO Board of Directors | Act Now to Join!

With the 2019-20 OYO Board of Directors elections set for Tuesday, September 10 (at 8 p.m. at Jenn Park), we’re seeking just a few more volunteers to join our Board of Directors to continue our success into our 45th season.

If you enjoy giving back to the community and teaming up with friends from throughout OYO to create memorable experiences, then the 2020 OYO Board of Directors is the place to be. What’s more, the OYO Board just happens to be one of the largest youth sports all-volunteer board of directors in Central Indiana.

Just simply email us to let us know you’re interested in joining the 2020 OYO Board of Directors. Then, based on your interest, experience and background, we’ll work with you to pair you with the role or need that best fits your interests.


  • Attend and participate in board meetings (approx. 8 per year)
  • Serve AOD shifts during spring and fall seasons
  • Represent the very best of OYO at all times
  • Fulfill duties of commissioner/chairperson role and keep appropriate executive board members informed

At this time, the following six board positions are available (and duties listed under each):

GROUNDS CO-CHAIRPERSON (one more needed, two already secured)

  • Maintain fields for everyday use, including bunker-rake application two times per week
  • Maintain grounds conditions, including fences, dugouts, etc.
  • Oversee external services, including lawn care, grounds crews, etc.
  • Manage Work Days, including punch list development and supplies purchases
  • Provide working equipment for fields, including chalkers and foul line sprayers


  • Responsible for setting registration dates
  • Develop online registration process, including all automated email communication
  • Coordinate collection of all registration fees for those using online payment plans, verifying age of registrants and fielding all inquiries from families.
  • Maintain and circulate registration trend report for each season to help commissioners project number of teams and coaches required


  • Responsible for submitting league rules to the Board of Directors and ensuring the enforcement of said rules by umpires
  • Responsible for training and evaluation of all coaches, including coaches clinics
  • Responsible for reviewing and assessing player evaluation process completed by coaches and used by commissioners to develop teams


  • Oversee development of umpire exam and rules clinics
  • Support umpires through on-the-field training when possible during the season
  • Monitor umpire evaluation forms and provide feedback to umpires
  • Assist Umpire Scheduler in selecting and scheduling umpires for rec league and all-star tournaments, etc.


  • Oversee and coordinate all league policies and procedures to ensure the safety of all players and spectators
  • Responsible for reviewing equipment guidelines, park rules, sportsmanship conduct, and related areas


  • Oversee all activities and planning for Tee Ball division
  • Review rules in advance of season and make recommendations to board for possible changes
  • Recruit coaches, as needed, based on monitoring of coach applications
  • Develop rosters and input teams into League Toolbox
  • Communicate regularly with division’s coaches and, as needed, with entire division
  • Coordinate and execute all aspects of the annual Future of OYO Parade

Learn more today…

If you have questions, contact Matt Martin, 2nd Vice President, or Michael DeSanto, Executive Vice PresidentAnd, take a look at the current slate of OYO Board of Directors.

Thank you for your continued support and choosing OYO as your place for baseball and softball.

Now, we hope you will answer this call and make OYO the beneficiary of your volunteer service in 2020. Rest assured, more than 1000 families and 1600 ballplayers will greatly appreciate the difference you make.

Step up to the plate and join the board!