Thank You Brittany and Karen and All Retiring Board Members!

Thank You Brittany Anderson!
Junior Rookie Commissioner | 2018-19
Vice President, Travel | 2019-20
President | 2020-22

Over the past two years, OYO has had the pleasure to know, value and appreciate the very individual who believed in each of us, cheered for our success and made us feel as if we are an integral part of the OYO family. That’s what makes Brittany Anderson so genuine and true.

You learned about her roots playing youth softball under her father’s coaching in Lafayette, you connected with her high school experience as a softball star for Lawrence Central High School, you embraced her passion for youth baseball and softball players everywhere and you discovered how much she cherishes her parents, husband and three children.

Since arriving on the scene as a coach in 2017, Brittany was destined for greatness and OYO would be the beneficiary of her amazing impact. She accepted our invitation to join the OYO board in 2018, which enabled her to share her talents to help OYO experience significant improvement and growth in every aspect of our program. During her five years on the board, she grew our Junior Rookie program participation before joining the executive board to head up our travel program which more than doubled in the number of teams and players during her tenure. Shortly thereafter, she answered the call to serve as president. What’s more, she accomplished so much with such quiet confidence and amazing grace, which were always accompanied by an infectious smile, a kind word, fierce support, a listening ear and an honest style.

More significantly, Brittany always cared for OYO and the experiences we could provide our players and families from the day she arrived. And she did so while making countless sacrifices because she truly valued OYO’s ballplayers, families and volunteers. And it showed through here remarkable compassion and empathy day after day, week after week.

Sure, it is easy to tout the increase in rec league registrations, growth in travel program offerings, improved field conditions and infrastructure, increased survey scores, unprecedented sponsorship revenue, record-setting tournament participation and hundreds of smiling ballplayers roaming the park playing the game they love.

Most significantly, though, Brittany’s single greatest accomplishment can’t be found in spreadsheets, financial ledgers, survey reports or even scorebooks. Brittany has taught us what matters most. Positions are temporary. Ranks and titles are limited. And, the way you treat, listen and care about everyone around you will always be remembered. For this reason alone, Brittany has served OYO in the most extraordinary and exceptional way – and she will always be remembered and appreciated by each and every player and family who chose OYO as their place for baseball and softball.

Rest assured, her efforts and priorities will continue to serve as a blueprint for all of us as we move forward. We will work diligently and tirelessly to embrace her vision for a league to serve ballplayers at every level and from every walk of life. OYO became better and stronger as a direct result of Brittany’s endless care, and her countless acts of volunteerism and leadership will forever be priceless to OYO and, more importantly, to OYO’s ballplayers and families. Thank you, Brittany! And may you and your family be forever blessed!

We’ll still have the chance to connect with Brittany in 2023 and beyond as she will maintain an active presence on the field helping lead one of our truly elite full-time travel Bombers squads as an assistant coach. Best of luck to your 11U Bombers, Brittany! Bomber Up! And, thank you!


Thank You Karen Grese!
Uniform Chairperson | 2010-12
Treasurer | 2012-2016 & 2019-22

For more than a decade, one of OYO’s most unsung heroes is also one of our most valuable board leaders, too. Whether we needed a voice of reason or a strategic outlook, a problem solver or a risk mitigator, a team-first leader or a visionary, or a revenue generator or a financial advisor, we turned to a proven veteran in Karen Grese.
Her roots at OYO circle back to the beginning of the century as she enjoyed watching her husband coach our teams annually and all five of her children rise through the ranks of playing baseball and softball in our rec league as well as on our Bombers and Red Storm rec travel teams before eventually joining the full-time travel circuit. And nowadays, she’s back supporting her children serve our youth as part of our umpire crew. Even after her family had exhausted their playing eligibility, she still answered the call and demonstrated remarkable acts of volunteerism and servant leadership that continued to benefit OYO families everywhere and has left a lasting impact for years to come.
Karen joined the OYO Board of Directors in 2010 and immediately developed a uniform fulfillment process that is still utilized today. Then when the stakes were high, the challenges were real and the timing was critical, she answered the call to join the executive board as OYO Treasurer. During our darkest hour, OYO needed a strong, ethical and disciplined leader to restore fiscal prudence and responsibility, and Karen delivered in ways that exceeded all expectations. She jumped in the trenches in 2012 and immediately helped implement many of the safeguarding financial practices we follow today. She served admirably until her term concluded in 2016.
Then while enjoying her OYO retirement, the league needed her time and talent once again when we experienced an unprecedented vacancy in 2019. Karen answered the call to return and restored sound fiscal practices and results while helping us transition to new online systems. Her impact cannot be put into words, but OYO is better today because of her commitment, dedication and contributions.
So, through more than two years as Uniform Chair and more than seven years as Treasurer spanning two terms, Karen has been the consummate volunteer, leader, contributor, teammate and friend to all who have been truly blessed to know her. She has removed hurdles, relieved burdens and resolved conflicts with such natural ease that OYO is stronger, smarter and better today because of her many contributions and game-changing implementation of new processes and procedures.
Not to worry, Karen will not be stepping away from OYO altogether. While continuing to be a consultant to the new OYO Executive Board, you will see her in 2023 and beyond as one of our volunteer Advisors on Duty (AOD), too, because she truly cares about all our players and families…and she certainly can’t miss out on the cheeseburgers in the concession stand, either!


Thank You Board Members for Your Service!

We truly appreciate the many contributions and tireless dedication all our board members demonstrate all through the year. As the 2021-22 term concludes, we express our gratitude and appreciation to nine valued board members who are also completing their terms. We are most thankful for all the hard work put forth by the following volunteers for rolling up their sleeves and jumping in the trenches to make OYO an amazing place for your ballplayers and family.
  • Randy Working – 4 Years
  • Larry Stone – 3 Years
  • Brandi Beard – 2 Years
  • Dale Dye – 2 Years
  • Mike Hunneman – 2 Years
  • Arun Murali – 2 Years
  • Kristin Sherman – 2 Years
  • Josh Ward – 2 Years