Tournament Rules Changes & Reminders

As we prepare for a fun and exciting 2020 Fall Ball Tournament, there are a few rules that apply to multiple divisions, if not all divisions. While we have captured some of these specific tournament exceptions here, you can access the OYO-specific baseball rules and softball rules online for all the details.


  • Mandatory infield playing time | Players do not need to play in the infield at any time.
  • Limit on number of innings at one position | No longer in effect – except pitching rules
  • Players Sitting in MB, SM, 10U, 12U | All players must still sit out once before any player sits out twice


  • Umpire Manages Time Clock | The National Anthem will only be played before the 10 a.m. games on Tournament Sunday, and the umpires will manage the time clock for all games
  • Time limits | 1 hour, 45 minute time limit is still in effect, but teams will now finish the inning
  • Same time limit for Championship Game | The championship game in each division also follows this time limit policy
  • Unlimited runs | Allowed in only the official last inning (not last inning based on time limit)
  • Tiebreaker | California rule (no outs, last batter on 2B) for tiebreakers, but inning rules remain same
  • Team Eligibility | Seven players makes you game eligible, but a team must take an out for 8th player
  • Player Departure | Player starts game – then leaves for any non-injury issue – team must take out when that player’s spot comes around in the order


  • Shirts | White and gray shirts beyond the length of jersey not permitted in baseball or yellow shirts in softball
  • Baseball Limits | Limited to two innings per game, no limit per day
  • Softball Limits | Same as regular season
  • Baseball and Softball Violations | Balks and Illegal Pitch warnings (one per team per game) remain in effect


  • Legal Pitch | Coach-Pitcher must complete the pitch inside the circle (defined as lead foot still has some contact with the chalk circle)
  • Coach-Pitcher May Not Coach | Coach-Pitcher may not coach once pitch leaves the hand until play is determined dead
  • Baserunners | One warning per team for runners leaving base early


When the game is in progress, a team may allow a team’s coaches to use up to two ball buckets as temporary seats for coaches only directly in front of the team’s dugout. It is each coach’s responsibility to ensure the buckets (and/or coaches) do not come in contact with any live ball or active player.

If a ball touches a piece of loose equipment (including a ball bucket) —  or any coach outside the coach’s box — near the Defensive team’s dug out, the ball becomes dead and all runners advance two (2) bases from the time the ball touches the equipment.

If a ball touches a piece of loose equipment (including a ball bucket) — or any coach outside the coach’s box — near the Offensive team’s dugout, The ball is dead, the runner “being played on” is out and all other runners must return to the last base they achieved. If no runner is being played on, it is a dead ball and all runners return to the last base they achieved.