Reminders about Masks, Designated Seating

Greetings! As we prepare for each and every game day at OYO this spring, we are taking the necessary precautions to ensure a safe and responsible environment for all our families, ballplayers, coaches, umpires, concession workers and fans. These rules and guidelines have been developed in accordance with and approved by the Marion County Public Health Department.


While many of these policies are similar to what we successfully implemented last fall, we acknowledge they were not desired by anyone. For 46 years, OYO has operated on the principles of providing opportunities for every young baseball and softball player to play ball. Through this challenging pandemic, the mission has not wavered yet the plan has been altered and continues to evolve.


More than ever, we continue to need a tremendous partnership between our fans, coaches, ballplayers, volunteers, umpires and concession workers. And we are very confident that we can rise to the occasion collectively demonstrating the teamwork necessary to deliver for our resilient, hard-working ballplayers.
Download our eight-step plan for keeping everyone safe at OYO during this pandemic in 2021!


As we welcome everyone back for the 2021 Spring Season, we are expected to strictly follow guidelines approved for OYO on game days and practice nights. We encourage and appreciate your continued compliance with the following protocols:


  • No Fan Seating Behind Backstops | Due to social distance requirements, no one will be allowed to sit or gather behind the home plate areas at any of our 13 fields. We realize these are fan favorite areas and they have historically been packed with fans. They are fun and exciting areas to sit since they are very close to the action, but in order for our park to stay open we can no longer allow these areas to be used for viewing.
  • Designated Seating Areas Are Down the Foul Lines Past the Dugouts| All fans will need to spread out in seating areas around the perimeter of the fences past the dugouts and in the outfield. We all hope for the time when fans are allowed to return closer to the field of play, but for the foreseeable future these areas will be closed to spectators. Please note, only one family per every six foot area.
  • When Away from Your Designated Seating Area, Wear Your Mask! | If you are moving around the park — especially visiting the concession stand or using the restroom — then masks need to be worn by fans, coaches, players, umpires, concession workers, volunteer board members, etc. This is especially important when visiting the concession stand, where masks are required.


We remain steadfastly committed to providing each and every ballplayer a safe and responsible environment to play ball this spring. We all need to work together to avoid any disruptions to our season. And, if further changes to our guidelines are required, we will announce them promptly with expectations of full compliance from all OYO spectators and coaches.


Thank you for choosing OYO as your place for baseball and softball!