New Field 14 Coming to OYO This Spring

Picture It… In late June 2021, a dedicated 09U Rec Travel Oaklandon Bombers Coach leads the travel squad into an all-star tournament at Greenfield Youth Baseball League. True to form with both trademark dedication and commitment, the coach arrives early before the team’s games all weekend long seeking a place to hold pre-game batting practice. Finding an open field, the coach never stops dreaming big…not just for the team, which would earn a 2nd Place finish, but also for OYO and all our future ballplayers. See, the dream was to have a ballfield exclusively designed for our Tee Ball and Challenger players and families, which would be easily accessible and accommodating for players and fans alike.

This is the wonderful vision that immediate past President Brittany Anderson and other former OYO presidents shared for OYO. And it is a commitment we made to see it become a reality – an exciting and fulfilling reality in recognition of her remarkable and exemplary service as a board member, contributor, visionary, leader, and friend to so many. What’s more, we are thrilled to provide the convenience and practicality of a Tee Ball field for as many Tee Ball and Challenger players as we can all through the season.

So, what does this mean for OYO? Lots! It’s exciting and we’re here to tell you all about it. Read all about it below!

Where is the field located? This field will be located in the southeast corner of the park and just a little to the right of the new playground and behind Field 3.

What will field be called? The plan is to name the field as Field 14.

Who will use the field? The field will be used primarily for Challengers and Tee Ball teams for practices and games along with Junior Rookie and 08U Softball if space permits. However, there are projected to be more Tee Ball and Challenges teams than field space will allow for during the week and on Saturdays/Sundays so there may be days and times when teams are assigned to a different field within the ballpark for practices or games?

When will the field be ready? Well before the latest blast of winter arrived, OYO Facilities and Ground Manager Jeff Sparks has been working tirelessly to construct this new field. Weather-permitting, the field will be completed in time for the practice season. Rest assured, the field will be ready by mid-April for games on Opening Day!

How will this impact scheduling in 2023? By dedicating this field to host Challengers and Tee Ball teams, this will reduce (but not eliminate) the need to host Tee Ball practices on Fields 12 and 13 and Tee Ball games will spread out throughout the day on Saturdays. This format change will also allow more divisions to play games as early as 9 a.m. on Saturdays this spring.

Will this field feature a field sponsor? Yes! The proud Field 14 sponsor is ViaQuest Community Solutions.

We hope you are as excited for this dedicated field for our young Tee Ball players and deserving Challenger players and families. This is a wonderful addition at OYO, and we are excited to share this update with you and your family.

As always, thank you for choosing OYO as your place for baseball and softball.

With much appreciation and gratitude for your continued support!
The OYO Board of Directors