Introducing the 2019-20 OYO Board of Directors

Congratulations to all 2019-20 OYO Board Members! On Tuesday, September 10, 2019, the current OYO Board elected a new slate of board members to help continue serve the OYO families in 2020 and beyond. This board of 35 volunteers will work tirelessly to uphold The OYO Way and continue to grow our program to serve more than 1600 ballplayers and 1000 families each year. These board members will assume their official roles on November 1, 2019.

Board Position 2020 Board Member
President* Matt Martin
Executive Vice President* Michael DeSanto
1st Vice President* Sam Mathis
2nd Vice President* Mike Springer
Vice President of Travel* Brittany Anderson
Vice President of Game Operations* Josh Pearson
Treasurer* Karen Grese
Secretary* Danae Horban
Equipment Chairperson Dennis Lewton
Grounds Co-Chairperson Justin Sturm
Grounds Co-Chairperson Aaron Koehler
Public Relations Chairperson Nicolle Jordan
Registration Co-Chairperson Donna Callahan
Registration Co-Chairperson  (vacant)
Rules & Training Chairperson  (vacant)
Tournament Chairperson Larry Stone
Travel Baseball Commissioner Johnny Goldfinger
Travel Softball Commissioner Curtis Dillman
Umpires Training Chairperson  (vacant)
Umpires Scheduling Chairperson Nicole Tschudy
Ways & Means Chairperson Scott Maskel
Team Parent Chairperson Angie Mattingly
Uniforms Chairperson Matt King
Scheduling Co-Chairperson Lisa Langsford
Scheduling Co-Chairperson Cherisse Anderson
Information Director Keshia Wilson
Survey Chairperson Kendrick James
Safety Chairperson Danielle Dillon
Challenger Commissioner Cindy Verbarg
Tee Ball Commissioner  (vacant)
Junior Rookie Commissioner Patrick Hankee
Rookie Commissioner Dean Freije
Minor Commissioner Randy Working
Super Major Commissioner Matt Welp
Junior | Senior Baseball Commissioner Damon Mink
8U Softball Commissioner Mario Covarrubias
10U Softball Commissioner Brad Blankenship
12U Softball Commissioner Paul Phalen
14U/16U Softball Commissioner Nytasha Ruiz
Co-Ed Softball Commissioner Danae Horban

* denotes OYO Executive Board Member