Help Us Help You! Please Keep Cart Paths Clear!

We’re excited to have so many fans and parents joining us during the first two weekends of the season. The standing-room only cheering sections have provided true encouragement for our ballplayers.

We also realize the hot, sunny, weather conditions leave us all seeking some shade and cover. We encourage and welcome families to bring their tents, chairs and more to stay cool and safe.

That said, we simply ask for some consideration on where you set up your chairs and tents, especially when watching games on Fields 6-9 where there is a very narrow path for these carts to operate. Our golf carts will be transporting guests needing assistance or deliveries to concession stands and fields only to be blocked by our guests.

Please follow our simple rule, no chair or tent should extend onto the paved asphalt paths at any time. This will ensure greater safety for all our fans and parents and less inconvenience for those watching our games and operating the carts, too.