Greetings! Happy New Year! Having spoken with many families over the past couple weeks, we have experienced so much excitement, understanding and compassion from the OYO Family. Parents are grateful for the opportunities OYO provides and ballplayers beam with smiles about memories from the past season or beyond. It goes without saying, we are truly blessed at OYO to have such a positive and enjoyable environment for these young ballplayers to truly embrace the game of baseball and softball!


Now, we are reaching out with a very specific appeal to all OYO families. While we have nearly a full board in place for 2023, one very critical role remains unfilled. On behalf of all the families who value the current experience at OYO, please strongly consider becoming a board member today!


We are specifically seeking three volunteers to serve as our Ways and Means Co-Chairpersons, who will collaborate to manage and grow our sponsorship program. Collectively, these three valued board members will share the following duties:
  • Corporate Package Recruitment | Renew existing and secure new sponsors, as needed, for “amenity” sponsorships, such as naming rights to walkways, storage sheds, garage barns, golf carts, etc.
  • Team Sponsorship Recruitment | Renew existing and secure new sponsors, as needed, for all spring and fall rec league teams
  • Sponsor Marketing Oversight | Manage the production of all signs and website content to ensure proper recognition for all sponsors


How Significant Is This Role? | Our sponsorship generated nearly $60,000 in revenue in 2022 and more than $100,000 over the past two years — representing our third largest revenue source as a league. The image at the end of the message captures the hundreds of sponsors who have generously supported our ballplayers and partnered with OYO to achieve our goals. So, to ensure a seamless transition and help you realize even greater success for this function than ever before, our past Ways and Means chairs are ready to help, guide and support you, too. What’s more, with a strong database of past sponsoring companies along with a traditionally high retention rate much of the work is already neatly packaged and ready for you.


What’s the Risk if This Position Remains Vacant? | The longer this role remains vacant, the more likely OYO leadership will be left with very difficult and unwanted budget decisions, including raising player fees, eliminating significant field improvements and postponing general park upgrades. We simply value our families too much to allow that to happen in 2023…or ever.


Can OYO’s Families Count on Your Help as a Board Member? We hope so! Simply send us an email to let us know you’re interested, and we will be in touch quickly!


Thank you for your consideration and continued interest in choosing OYO as your place for baseball and softball. We hope you will answer this call and make OYO the beneficiary of your volunteer service in 2023. Rest assured, more than 1000 families and 1600 ballplayers will value the difference you make!


Join the Board!
Michael DeSanto | OYO President
Katrina Marichal | OYO Treasurer