Guarantee Roster Spot for Fall Ball Today

Once midnight strikes at the end of Sunday, July 28, OYO will set team limits for the 2019 Fall Ball seasonAnd, that means the roster spots will become extremely limited in each division, if any are even available. Don’t settle for a waiting list spot, act today to be sure your ballplayer takes the field this fall!

Every player who registers by Sunday is guaranteed a roster spot. So, register your ballplayer for OYO Fall Ball!

We offer the following baseball and softball programs as part of our 12th Annual Fall Ball Season.

BASEBALL (ages in parentheses):

  • Junior Rookie (6, co-ed)
  • Rookie (7-8)
  • Minor (9-10)
  • Super Major (11-12)
  • Junior Baseball (13-14)
  • Junior Baseball (15-16)

SOFTBALL (ages in parentheses): 

  • 8U Softball (6-8)
  • 10U Softball (9-10)
  • 12U Softball (11-12)
  • 14U/16U Softball (13-16)


Age cut-offs for each division are April 30, 2020 for baseball and January 1, 2020 for softball.

We encourage ballplayers to register for the division they will be eligible for next spring, but families and ballplayers are also able to stay in the current division for one more season if they believe that will be a better fit based on the ballplayer’s development.


All games are played on Sundays, starting August 25 and including Labor Day weekend, at either 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Teams play doubleheaders and, in most instances, those doubleheaders are back-t0-back games lasting 1 hour, 4o minutes and end with a “hard stop”.  If games are canceled because of weather on any Sunday, they are played the following Saturday (except for cancellations on September 22, which will simply be canceled to proceed with the tournament plans the next weekend).

On Tournament Sunday, scheduled for September 29 (and a rain date of October 6), we will follow a slightly different game time line-up of 10 a.m., 12:15 p.m., 2:30 p.m. and 4:45 p.m. with the same 1 hour, 40 minute time limit but “finish the inning”.


Unlike our spring season, our Fall Ball schedule only allows for a finite number of teams to ensure all teams can play on Sundays. With only 13 fields, a shorter window to play games due to daylight and respect for church service schedules, we can only accommodate approx. 60 teams and 700 players.

Considering each year most of our divisions max out and form waiting lists, we encourage you to register today to guarantee a roster spot for your ballplayer(s).


If you have any questions about our Fall Ball program, please contact an OYO Board Member today. Otherwise, register today and spread the word!