Fall Ball Bonanza Continues This Weekend!

We hope everyone has enjoyed the start of their 2020 Fall Ball season, which includes more than a half-dozen practices and three weekends of games to date. Like all of you, OYO longed for the chance to see our young, resilient ballplayers take the field again!


While we know we can never truly make up for lost time, OYO still constructed a schedule to attempt to do just that! We placed our time and energy in to conducting a practical and expanded Fall Ball season. More practices, more games, more memories than any previous Fall Ball Season — and any Spring Season, too! And, this plan truly kicks in this weekend — and continues for two of the next three weekends. Here’s a snapshot of the game schedule going forward by weekend.
  • September 19-20 | Games on Saturday and Sunday
  • September 26-27 | Games on Sunday only
  • October 3-4 | Games on Saturday and Sunday
  • October 11 | Single-elimination tournament for all divisions … and tournament schedule will be released September 20 (Tee Ball plays one final scheduled game TBA on October 11)


Thank you for choosing OYO as your place for baseball and softball!