Come Join the OYO Board in 2021 | Only Seven Positions Available

The OYO Board of Directors is working hard to make a difference for each and every ballplayer, including your own! And, there are still several positions seeking a nominee, so jump in and volunteer!

The 2020-21  OYO Board consists of more than 45 volunteers, who work tirelessly to uphold The OYO Way and continue to grow our program to serve more than 1600 ballplayers and 1000 families each year. Now, we want you to become part of the action and help continue the tradition of a great program for all our rec league and travel participants!

The OYO Board is still welcoming nominations for volunteers to assume the responsibilities for one of seven remaining openings on the 2021 OYO Board. If you are interested in fulfilling any of these positions, please email the OYO Board or email OYO President-Elect Brittany Anderson.

The seven positions spanning five different functions include (and details for each position are attached below):

  • Grounds Co-Chairperson (2 openings)
  • Travel Softball Commissioner
  • Travel Softball Tournament Chairperson
  • Ways & Means Co-Chairperson (2 openings)
  • Challenger Commissioner

General Responsibilities | All Board Members:

  • Attend and participate in board meetings (approx. eight per year)
  • Serve AOD shifts during spring and fall seasons
  • Represent the very best of OYO at all times
  • Fulfill duties of chairperson role and keep appropriate executive board members informed

Grounds Co-Chairperson (2 openings):

  • Maintain fields for everyday use, including bunker-rake application two times per week
  • Maintain grounds conditions, including fences, dugouts, etc.
  • Oversee external services, including lawn care, grounds crews, etc.
  • Manage Park Prep Days, including punch list development and supplies purchases
  • Provide working equipment for fields, including chalkers and foul line sprayers

Travel Softball Commissioner:

  • Supports development of all full-time travel and rec travel teams for all eligible age groups
  • Finalizes and circulates application form and orchestrates selection process for head coaches in conjunction with the VP of Travel Softball and the OYO Executive Board
  • Coordinates and facilitates coaches’ meeting
  • Oversees all coaches and their respective teams to ensure proper conduct
  • Manages team members responsible for tournaments, training and development and marketing
  • Conducts monthly reviews of each team’s financial ledger
  • Supports the OYO rec travel tournaments through participation and engagement

Travel Softball Tournament Chairperson:

  • Oversee all all-star travel softball tournament programs and activities
  • Manage all facets of the annual David Manlove Memorial Tournament (early June)
  • Manage all facets of the annual Bill Sturm Memorial Tournament (baseball in early July)
  • Manage all facets of all Storm Smash tournaments and related programs (May thru July)
  • Responsibilities include overseeing (and not directly doing) with the help of other OYO Board Members, especially Vice President of Game Day Operations, to market the event, field inquiries from interested teams, collect registrations, ensure payments are made, finalize rules, develop schedules, select trophies, recruit umpires, communicate to participating teams and execute event (again, all this is done in collaboration with other OYO board members and positions)

Ways & Means Co-Chairperson (2 openings):

  • Role split into securing (1) corporate sponsorships and (2) team-level sponsorships
  • Responsible for all fundraising, including sponsorship support for each spring and fall season
  • Collect pledged funds and coordinate delivery to the Treasurer via check or online payment
  • Maintain all accurate records, including fees paid, contact information and player request information
  • Coordinate information for uniform printer by stated deadlines and for sign printer for display signs to be posted at Veterans Memorial Park

Challenger Commissioner:

  • Oversee all activities and planning for Challenger division
  • Review rules in advance of season and make recommendations to board for possible changes
  • Recruit coaches, as needed, based on monitoring of coach applications
  • Develop rosters and input teams into League Toolbox
  • Communicate regularly with division’s coaches and, as needed, with entire division
  • Coordinate and execute all aspects of pre-season team meeting and end-of-season team gathering