More Than 30 Coaches Needed…Now’s the Time to Be a Coach!

Being a head coach at OYO is one of the most rewarding and memorable volunteer opportunities we offer!

Registration for this season is strong, and once again outpacing past trends showing we have hundreds of ballplayers anxious to get back out to the ballpark for the start of our 2022 Spring Season! What’s more, we’ve had an solid start in our recruitment for head coaches in all divisions, but many divisions still need more!

OYO encourages you to help make our 48th annual spring season a success by sharing your passion for helping our ballplayers enjoy learning the fundamentals and  playing the game. We have the tools and resources available to help you maximize player instruction, development and opportunities.​ We have the following openings:

  • 08U Softball  | 1 coach needed
  • 10U Softball | All set!
  • 12U Softball | 1 coach needed
  • 14U/16U Softball | 1 coach needed
  • Tee Ball | 12 coaches needed
  • Junior Rookie | 6 coaches needed
  • Rookie | 6 coaches needed
  • Minor | 7 coaches needed
  • Super Major | 1 coach needed
  • Junior Baseball | 4 coaches needed

Regardless of past coaching assignments at OYO, if you’re interested in coaching a youth rec league baseball or softball team in 2022, please complete our online coach’s application. The application requires less than five minutes to complete.

Only head coach applicants need to submit an application – and we ask you to register soon! Thanks for making a difference in our ballplayers’ lives.

If you have any questions about coaching, please contact one of our program leaders, including:

Thanks again for choosing OYO as your place for baseball and softball!