One-Time Exception to Rain Out Policy | April 29 Games Rescheduled

OYO Fans:

Good afternoon! I truly hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful Sunday with your family and friends. In my leaguewide email on Saturday afternoon, I made a commitment to circle back after exploring how OYO might be able to reschedule the games canceled yesterday (Saturday, April 29).

In working with the OYO Scheduling Committee and members of the OYO Board of Directors, we are happy to share most of the games from April 29 have been rescheduled. These games now appear in LeagueApps in your schedule, and you can check all the updates there.

That said, to help explain the actions taken, please review our Top 12 Takeaways summary below:

  1. MOST GAMES MOVED TO FRIDAYS IN MAY | With the exception of two rescheduled games, most games were moved to one of the available Fridays in May at 6 p.m. (specifically May 5, 12, 19, 26)
  2. HERE’S A SUMMARY OF THE RESCHEDULED GAMES | MAKE-UP GAME SCHEDULE_v2.pdf …However, what appears in LeagueApps should be considered final in the event there are any discrepancies
  3. TO A FEW TEAMS WITH DOUBLEHEADERS | With finite space available, our goal is to ensure every team received at least one game rescheduled so if you find you had a doubleheader scheduled but only one game rescheduled, then we ask for your understanding
  4. GAME SCHEDULES ARE FINAL | Unless there is a glaring error we have not uncovered (a team playing twice at same time, or a field assigned to two games simultaneously), we can accommodate any changes to the revised game schedule
  5. CHALLENGERS GAME NOT RESCHEDULED | We consulted with the Challenger commissioner who determined three games in three days for this division would be too much so the game was not rescheduled
  6. ALL-STAR GAMES WILL STILL HAPPEN | While our calendar originally calls for the divisional All-Star game to be played on Friday, May 26, we have reassigned those games to take place on Friday, June 16 after the conclusion of the rec league tournament (pending on good weather and not experiencing there are no weather-related delays)
  7. REC LEAGUE TOURNAMENT REMAINS INTACT | These changes ensure we will continue to honor the posted rec tournament dates from June 5-17 for all 12 and Under divisions
  8. EVERY FIELD IS NOW ASSIGNED THIS SPRING | Just when we thought we couldn’t be any more crowded this spring, each and every field is assigned Monday thru Friday for rec league or full-time travel activity as well as on Saturdays from 9 a.m.-5:45 p.m.
  9. RAINOUT POLICY REMAINS IN EFFECT | This effort to reschedule these games is a one-time exception to the OYO Rainout Policy, and we will adhere to the policy of not rescheduling future rainouts as indicated in the policy | And, this applies to games as early as Monday evening as the upcoming forecast is not entirely favorable (again)
  10. PLEASE ATTEND YOUR RESCHEDULED GAME | We are asking families to participate in these games — and teams to be present — because when one team does not show, then the opposing team misses out on the chance to play too. Remember, OYO does not charge “outs” for not having a minimum players and we do not issue “forfeits” during the regular season. So bring your team and bring your ballplayer and come to the park and have some fun!
  11. COACHES WHO ARE HEAD COACH OF TWO TEAMS | We did our best to remove any conflicts that may have existed between the two teams you coach
  12. WE APPRECIATE YOU! | From our hardworking board members to our amazing families and fans, we appreciate all you do for OYO and all our ballplayers

If you have any questions or need something more, less or different, please let me know. That said, once again I tip my hat to the amazing volunteer board members who have been working tirelessly since yesterday afternoonn to make this rescheduling effort possible.

As always, thank you for choosing OYO as your place for baseball and softball!


Play Ball!
Michael DeSanto
OYO President | OYO Vice President, Game Day Operations