2023 Winter Workouts Are Upon Us! Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season capped off with a pleasant New Year’s celebration with family and friends. Now that 2023 has finally arrived, OYO is ready to kick off our programs for the year, too! And this starts with the Winter Workouts you registered your ballplayer for this winter.

To get you ready for the workouts at Underwood Baseball, which begin January 6-8, 2023, for all age groups, here are some FAQs. Of course, if you have any additional questions or need something more, less or different before the workouts begin, then just let us know.

What time is your ballplayer’s weekly workout session?
To find the day/time for your ballplayer’s workouts, please check out the grid on our website for the details.

Where is Underwood Baseball located?
The facility’s address is 6782 Hawthorn Park Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46220. For some quick tips, turn south at Mays Chemical Company and follow the main road to the very back and Underwood Baseball is in the very back on the left side.

What equipment does my ballplayer need and what should they wear?
We are asking every player to have their own helmet, bat and glove. In addition, your ballplayers should wear indoor practice attire and tennis shoes or turf shoes.

How will the sessions be facilitated?
All our sessions will be hosted by Dan Underwood, a proven baseball and softball trainer and also serves as the 2023 13U FTT Oaklandon Bombers head coach. All sessions will be customized for each age group, and individual volunteer instructors will help players execute the drills being taught at the workouts.

Got Questions?
If you have any questions or need additional feedback or insight, then please email us and we’ll be sure to provide the information or support you and your ballplayer need!

Thank You!
As always, thank you for choosing OYO as your place for baseball and softball. We particularly appreciate your participation in our Winter Workout program!