2021 OYO Fall Ball COVID Update | Creating a Safe Game Day Experience

For the past couple weeks, the OYO Board of Directors has received multiple inquiries about mask requirements, COVID guidelines and related health and safety matters. While we have fielded each and every question as promptly and thoroughly as possible, we also have been consulting with medical professionals, school nursing staffs, various athletic departments and organizations and families to determine how we can continue to provide a safe and responsible Fall Ball program that balances our resilient young ballplayers playing the sport they enjoy and keeping all players, coaches and fans healthy during these challenging times.

As we continue this journey together, we are also aware things can change at a moment’s notice. If and when more defined guidelines and restrictions are provided by local or state administrations or even established, accredited athletic organizations, we will revisit our protocols and pivot to those measures — whether they be less or more restrictive — based on what is happening in the wider Central Indiana community.

For now, please take some time to read the OYO 2021 Fall Ball COVID protocols so you are aware of our procedures and guidelines for when a player or coach may be ill, a child may be quarantined due to school-related close contact and/or mask expectations at Veterans Memorial Park. The COVID-19 Protocols are summarized in the attached document (see link below).

We truly understand the physical, mental and emotional challenges this pandemic continues to create for all our families. We truly respect and value your commitment to safety for your family and all those around you. That’s why we are confident we can all work together to ensure a safe and responsible environment for your ballplayers this season. Quite simply, it’s The OYO Way!