Executive Committee Positions

Beginning with a new reorganization to be implemented the OYO Board of Directors is led by 11 elected officers establishing the board’s Executive Committee by serving two-year terms with overlapping terms. The Executive Committee is tasked with setting strategic direction for the board and the league as well as oversight of all financial matters.

The elections are managed as follows:

  • Even Year Elections (e.g. 2024) | Terms served starting in the following year (e.g. 2025-26)
    • Vice President, Baseball
    • Vice President, Financial Management
    • Vice President, Game Day Operations
    • Vice President, Technology
    • Vice President, Travel Softball
    • President Elect
  • Odd Year Elections (e.g. 2025) | Terms served starting in the following year (e.g. 2026-27)
    • President (previously elected as President Elect)
    • Vice President, Administration
    • Vice President, Marketing
    • Vice President, Revenue Generation
    • Vice President, Softball
    • Vice President, Travel Baseball

The OYO Board of Directiors election is facilitated at the September board meeting annually. For more information, contact the OYO President for details.