Save-the-Date! OYO’s Annual Dick’s Shopping Days Are March 8-10

Great News!  Our friends at DICK’S Sporting Goods are hosting the OYO League Appreciation Day again this season. What’s more, there are even more days available to shop for all your baseball and softball needs — and any other items you and your family may need from DICK’s.

Once again this year, “save the dates”! You will have a four-day weekend window to purchase new gear — pants, gloves, bats, cleats and more — for the spring season. Mark your calendar, and make plans to shop at the Castleton Square Mall store from Friday, March 8 through Sunday, March 10. Come show your support for OYO and also receive a 20 percent in-store discount throughout the store, not just baseball and softball merchandise.

To receive the discount, families should access the flyer online with the discount code or have a hard copy available. Be sure to use this coupon as this is specific to our organization, and it should be shown at the time of checkout. Once again, this coupon is only valid at the Castleton Square store on between March 8-10, 2024. Save the dates, and come take advantage of the savings!

Thank you for supporting DICK’s Sporting Goods and OYO!

P.S. If you are not quite sure what equipment you need for your OYO ballplayer, then check out the TWIO post for tips on what baseball and softball gear your ballplayer needs most


The Latest Spring Season Tournament Brackets & Rules

NOTE: The links to each individual division bracket below are updated with any changes as a result of games needing to be rescheduled as a result of the postponements experienced on Sunday, June 12 and Monday, June 13.

OYO Fans:

Now, with the 2022 Spring Season Rec League Tournament in full swing, here are three important reminders, updates and info to improve your experience this spring.

The Tournament | OYO operates a double-elimination tournament for all our divisions, except Tee Ball. The tournament begins on Monday, June 6 and runs through Thursday, June 16. Depending on cancellations and delays due to weather, the tournament may need to extend beyond June 16.

The Brackets | We’ll provide updates to the brackets nightly by 11:59 p.m. All brackets are being offered as a shared Google document for viewing purposes only. All updates will be completed by the OYO Scheduling Committee. Please access your division’s tournament bracket below (see links for your division’s bracket). If you have any questions about your bracket, please contact your coach or division commissioner.

Tournament-Specific Rules | Here’s a summary of all the rules that are particularly relevant for the rec league tournament.

As always, thank you for choosing OYO as your place for baseball and softball.

Play Ball!
The OYO Board of Directors

Your Opinion Counts! Complete the Annual OYO Survey by June 17

The Oaklandon Youth Organization is committed to providing you a quality baseball and softball experience for your ballplayer and family. To better deliver the value and service you expect, we want to understand your overall experience and identify areas you recognize needing improvement.

We have experienced more growth, new programs and more opportunities for ballplayers and families. So, now, we want to know how we’re doing and meeting your expectations. And, we welcome your feedback from all OYO rec league families who participated in our 2022 Spring Season. This survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete. Check your email for an invitation from OYO via SurveyMonkey. As with any mass email strategies of this kind, please check your spam filter for an email invitation if you do not see. And be sure to complete the survey by EOD on Friday, June 17.

We appreciate your consideration for sharing your input and recommendations. Thank you for choosing OYO as your place for baseball and softball!

Annual David Manlove Memorial Tournament Set for Sunday, June 5

On Sunday, June 5, 2022, 49 baseball and softball teams from around Central Indiana will gather at Veterans Memorial Park for our 21st Annual David Manlove Invitational Memorial Tournament. This tournmanent is near and dear to OYO for many reasons.

David was one of OYO’s own who lost his battle with addiction. David’s life continues to touch others through the efforts of his parents and The 24 Group by providing education, awareness, and assistance to families of youth and young adults dealing with the disease of addiction. OYO is honored to continue to support this important cause by donating all the proceeds from this tournament to The 24 Group.

The David Manlove Memorial Tournament is nearly a completely all-volunteer operation. All net proceeds from this tournament are donated to The 24 Group, which was founded by David’s parents — Kim and Marissa Manlove — to help families who are dealing with alcohol and substance abuse, especially among teenagers. While we host this tournament to raise money in David’s name, the more important reason is to spread the word about substance abuse so our families understand addiction is a disease that no one is immune to it regardless of geographical location or financial means. Over the years, the OYO Family has learned nothing helps them heal more than seeing and talking to the kids at the ballpark. Learn more about the annual David Manlove Memorial Tournament today.

On behalf of OYO, we appreciate the tremendous support from youth baseball and softball programs from all across Central Indiana.

And, you can learn more about the mission of The 24 Group, online.

Support OYO Fall Ball | Be a Team Sponsor This Fall

Greetings! Our 2021 Fall Ball season is off to a roaring start. With still two weeks before practices begin, we’re already experiencing a record-setting participation year. Through an amazing vision set forth by OYO President Brittany Anderson, dedicated volunteers working tirelessly and countless families going the extra mile, OYO is truly THE place for baseball and softball in our community.


However, even with all these amazing fans and supporters rolling up their sleeves and jumping in the trenches, it requires lots of resources to operate and maintain a 40-acre, 13-field, 2-concession stand facility for more than 950 players every spring and 700 players in the fall. And, some of those resources need funds.
To help keep our fees affordable and our premises in top-notch condition for our families and ballplayers, we value the support of the local community. This past spring more than 75 Central Indiana businesses supported OYO through generous donations and sponsorships.


This fall, we will support 58 teams for our 14th Annual Fall Ball Season. We are most grateful for dozens of Spring Sponsors continuing their support this season and new sponsors already stepping up to make a difference. Yet, nine of our teams are still in need of team sponsors this fall. Will your business consider supporting OYO again this fall? If so, our Fall Ball Sponsorship (Teamwork) is just $175 per team


Thanks again for your thoughtful consideration and generous support of OYO. We are confident, together, we can make a difference in the lives of these resilient young ballplayers!

2021 Spring Season Photo Night Set for Friday, May 7

Ready, Set, Smile! OYO is revamping how we manage our team and individual photos in 2021! To better accommodate COVID-19 safety guidelines and spacing as well as create a better overall experience for all our ballplayers and families, we have worked with H&R Photography to have one dedicated Team Photo Night for all our teams in our younger divisions. This night will accommodate team photos and player individual photos. We’ve designed the Photo Night experience so teams will be scheduled on ballfields this year, using Fields 1-4 and Fields 6-9 between 5:30-7:45 p.m.

Please note, no games are scheduled for Friday, May 7. (And, if needed, the rain date is set for Friday, May 14.) Please reference the attached schedule below for your team’s scheduled photo shoot time on Friday, May 7.

2021 Photo Night Schedule

Tournament Notes | Be in the Know

Sunday, September 29, marks the sixth and final Sunday of games at OYO. We are excited to end our 12th annual Fall Ball season with a fun single-elimination tournament featuring all 51 of our teams this season. As we prepare for Tournament Sunday, here are some very important reminders:

  • Different Set of Game Times | Please read your game times and brackets carefully. All game times are as follows, 10 a.m., 12:15 p.m., 2:30 p.m., 4:45 p.m. and 7 p.m. While these are slated game times, if a previous game or games run long, then times may slide back accordingly. In no instances will games start sooner than the scheduled time. Also, the National Anthem will only be played before the 10 a.m. games and all game time management will be moderated by the umpire.
  • Finish the Inning Now In Effect | Once the 1 hour, 45 minute time limit is reached, teams will finish the inning (and, if needed in the event of a tie) play extra innings until a winner is determined
  • Keeping the Day on Schedule | It’s getting darker sooner, so we will keep the day rolling along on schedule as much as possible. So, if we reach the time limit and either (1) the home team is up to bat and has the lead or (2) either team has a lead greater than the number of runs allowed in that inning per division rules, then the umpire will call the game before the inning is complete
  • Be On Time | Per the OYO rules, if a player is not present by the time they are scheduled to bat, a coach will have to determine if they want to scratch the player from the line-up or take an out in hope the player arrives. In short, if you want your ballplayer to participate in the game on Sunday, know your team’s schedule and be on time…if not early!
  • Know the Tournament Rules | There are a handful of custom tournament rules that vary from the regular season. Be in the know by downloading the OYO baseball rules and softball rules today. These impact infield playing time, number of innings at one position, pitching limitations, unlimited runs in last official inning, team eligibility, player departures mid-game, proper uniform attire, etc.
  • Remember The OYO Way | What’s made the 2019 Fall Ball season such a memorable experience for many of our ballplayers and families is how our fans continue to cheer positively for their team and their friends in the other dugout, too! This is The OYO Way. Make a difference in a young ballplayer’s life and continue to cheer positively and support all players and teams on Sunday.

We truly appreciate you choosing OYO as your place for baseball and softball. We wish each and every team good luck and a great finish to their season!

Play Ball!

Only Six Board Positions Available for 2019-20 OYO Board of Directors | Act Now to Join!

With the 2019-20 OYO Board of Directors elections set for Tuesday, September 10 (at 8 p.m. at Jenn Park), we’re seeking just a few more volunteers to join our Board of Directors to continue our success into our 45th season.

If you enjoy giving back to the community and teaming up with friends from throughout OYO to create memorable experiences, then the 2020 OYO Board of Directors is the place to be. What’s more, the OYO Board just happens to be one of the largest youth sports all-volunteer board of directors in Central Indiana.

Just simply email us to let us know you’re interested in joining the 2020 OYO Board of Directors. Then, based on your interest, experience and background, we’ll work with you to pair you with the role or need that best fits your interests.


  • Attend and participate in board meetings (approx. 8 per year)
  • Serve AOD shifts during spring and fall seasons
  • Represent the very best of OYO at all times
  • Fulfill duties of commissioner/chairperson role and keep appropriate executive board members informed

At this time, the following six board positions are available (and duties listed under each):

GROUNDS CO-CHAIRPERSON (one more needed, two already secured)

  • Maintain fields for everyday use, including bunker-rake application two times per week
  • Maintain grounds conditions, including fences, dugouts, etc.
  • Oversee external services, including lawn care, grounds crews, etc.
  • Manage Work Days, including punch list development and supplies purchases
  • Provide working equipment for fields, including chalkers and foul line sprayers


  • Responsible for setting registration dates
  • Develop online registration process, including all automated email communication
  • Coordinate collection of all registration fees for those using online payment plans, verifying age of registrants and fielding all inquiries from families.
  • Maintain and circulate registration trend report for each season to help commissioners project number of teams and coaches required


  • Responsible for submitting league rules to the Board of Directors and ensuring the enforcement of said rules by umpires
  • Responsible for training and evaluation of all coaches, including coaches clinics
  • Responsible for reviewing and assessing player evaluation process completed by coaches and used by commissioners to develop teams


  • Oversee development of umpire exam and rules clinics
  • Support umpires through on-the-field training when possible during the season
  • Monitor umpire evaluation forms and provide feedback to umpires
  • Assist Umpire Scheduler in selecting and scheduling umpires for rec league and all-star tournaments, etc.


  • Oversee and coordinate all league policies and procedures to ensure the safety of all players and spectators
  • Responsible for reviewing equipment guidelines, park rules, sportsmanship conduct, and related areas


  • Oversee all activities and planning for Tee Ball division
  • Review rules in advance of season and make recommendations to board for possible changes
  • Recruit coaches, as needed, based on monitoring of coach applications
  • Develop rosters and input teams into League Toolbox
  • Communicate regularly with division’s coaches and, as needed, with entire division
  • Coordinate and execute all aspects of the annual Future of OYO Parade

Learn more today…

If you have questions, contact Matt Martin, 2nd Vice President, or Michael DeSanto, Executive Vice PresidentAnd, take a look at the current slate of OYO Board of Directors.

Thank you for your continued support and choosing OYO as your place for baseball and softball.

Now, we hope you will answer this call and make OYO the beneficiary of your volunteer service in 2020. Rest assured, more than 1000 families and 1600 ballplayers will greatly appreciate the difference you make.

Step up to the plate and join the board!