In Central Indiana, we know families have many choices on what sports and activities to experience and where to participate in those activities. At OYO, we also understand the power of word-of-mouth advertising. And there’s no better place to turn than to OYO’s families to advocate for our program and welcome new families and ballplayers into our program each and every season.

That’s why we are introducing our Refer a Family program. When a current OYO family encourages a new family to come play at OYO for the first time, then we will thank you for helping support our recruitment efforts for the 2021 Season with a $25 credit to be applied for your upcoming registration.

To help ensure new families join OYO — and you get appropriate credit for it — here are the simple terms for this Refer a Family promotion:

  • A new family must register by January 31 in LeagueApps (and to be a “new family”, the family would need to create a new family account)
  • The new family must indicate the existing/referring OYO family during the registration process in the appropriate field
  • The existing/referring OYO family is eligible for a maximum of two $25 credits ($50 total)
  • OYO will apply the credit to the existing/referring’s account, which can be used during the family’s next registration
  • OYO does not guarantee players from the existing/referring family and new family will be placed on the same team

Thank you for your continued support of OYO and spreading the word about how The OYO Way creates a memorable experience for all players and families who are part of the OYO Family! Let’s play ball!


Come and learn all about OYO! On behalf of The OYO Board of Directors, we want you to discover what makes our program such an amazing place to play ball for players of all ages, all talent levels. Regardless if your child is playing softball or baseball for the first time or simply considering switching to OYO from a different league, we want to share why OYO is the right program for you. Just like going to a new school, starting a new job, or moving into a new neighborhood, considering a new ballpark requires careful consideration and  planning.

Jump online and join OYO President Brittany Anderson for our VIRTUAL Open House on Wednesday, January 27, 2021, at 7:30 p.m. This meeting will provide a brief overview presentation about our programs followed by an open Q&A Session.

OYO began in 1975 playing baseball on a single field at a nearby elementary school. Entering our 46th year, we continue to grow at Veterans Memorial Park, a full-service 13-field, two-concession stand/restroom complex with ample parking. Every spring, summer, and fall, you can enjoy watching more than 1,600 boys and girls between the ages of 4-18 playing ball at our park. As parents, you can enjoy many memories and new friendships with more than 1,000 families.

What’s more, our league is operated by a board of more than 40 volunteers – parents just like you. Over the years, from board to board, coach to coach, team to team, and fan to fan, there has been one steady formula for OYO. We call it The OYO Way. It defines our community. It shapes the OYO Family, which you and your ballplayer will now experience. We hope our commitment to your family provides a memorable experience for your child.

Save the date! Attend our VIRTUAL Open Houe on Wednesday, January 27 at 7:30 p.m. Here’s the link to our Zoom meeting:
Meeting ID: 891 9639 4726
Passcode: 193448
Phone: +16468769923 | 89196394726#,,,,*193448#


All new families who attend this OYO Virtual Open House are eligible for a $25 family discount on their 2021 Spring Season Registration, if they register by Sunday, January 31, 2021. Thank you for your interest in OYO!


Our popular Winter Workout program has returned to ring in the New Year! Don’t miss the chance to get involved as five of our divisions still have limited openings!

Is there still room for your ballplayer? Yes, in most divisions! With three divisions now sold out and others nearing capacity with the rapid rate of registrations of late, space is limited with only 20 openings remain across seven divisions. Players must register online before attending a workout. We have the following spaces remaining:


      • Junior Rookie — 8 openings
      • Rookie — Wait List only
      • Minor — Wait List only
      • Super Major/Junior Baseball — 2 openings


      • 8U — 7 openings
      • 10U — 3 openings
      • 12U/14U/16U — Wait List only

Don’t delay! Register your ballplayer to secure his/her spot for these popular winter workouts!

What are your safety plans in light of COVID? We are committed to your ballplayer’s safety, too. Visit the OYO website for our COVID safety guidelines required for all coaches and players during all our indoor sessions. All age groups will follow stringent COVID-19 protocols during these workouts.

When, where and how much does it cost to participate in the Winter Workouts? OYO will host the Winter Workouts at Genesis Sports Performance, located at 5111 E. 65th Street (Indianapolis). Each division will run an exclusive 90-minute weekly session spanning 10 weeks from January 2-March 12. Review the OYO website for the complete workout schedule, including your division’s scheduled day and time for all 10 weeks. And, the registration fee is $100 per player.

Welcome to OYO 2021!


OYO has rung in the new year filled with anticipation, excitement and opportunity. For each and every ballplayer and family who calls OYO home for their baseball and softball experience, the past has been amazing and the future is even brighter.
Discover how one’s journey to OYO will make the organization an even more vibrant community for everyone involved, the path the OYO Way offers to our resilient ballplayers and their fans, our plans to crush COVID-19 again, where the league will channel its time and talent to improve and why OYO’s best days are ahead of us! For a closer look at what the future holds, OYO President Brittany Anderson shares the why and how of OYO 2021!
Thank you for choosing OYO as your place for baseball and softball!


Come make the call!


OYO maintains a high-quality umpire program aimed for adults and youth. Any individual age 11 (as of April 30, 2021) or older may apply. Umpires are supported through a detailed process that includes rules trainings, online exam, test reviews, mechanics clinics, attire and equipment support and on-the-field simulations.


We’re welcoming new and returning umpires to step up the plate in 2021 and become part of the program. By being part of OYO’s umpire program, this is a great part-time opportunity with competitive pay rate in all divisions!



We want you and your ballplayer to be part of a memorable and productive 2021 Spring Season! Come join the action!


Early registration is now open, and we’re making 2020 registration fees available to all players in all divisions through December 31!


Register early for our popular Spring Season, and guarantee you and your ballplayer savings with our 2020 registration rates. After the new year, new registration fees may apply in order to ensure we’re able to cover all our operating expenses throughout the season!


Our 2021 Spring Season offers baseball and softball opportunities for baseball players ages 4-18 and softball players ages 4-16.


Don’t miss the chance to realize these savings for the 2021 Spring Season. Register your ballplayer for 2021 with 2020 rates!


2021 starts now, and your savings and advertising reach can, too!
Since 2010, more than 300 local businesses have supported OYO through a broad range of corporate and team sponsorship opportunities generating more than $200,000. These donations help ensure OYO can meet the league’s increasing demands while mitigating the need for annual player registration fee increases.
All packages are offered on a first come, first served basis. Check out the revamped 2021 OYO Sponsor Packages!
What’s more, as eligible per IRS guidelines, complete your sponsorship by December 31, 2020 and make your generous donation a tax-deductible contribution in 2020 to help your business!


When we flip the calendars to a new year in just four weeks, our annual Winter Workouts will start in earnest helping our ballplayers prepare for another season of baseball and softball.

And based on the early response to our call for registrations, most of our age groups are more than half full and we’re receiving new registrations daily. Space is limited to just two dozen players per division. Don’t delay, act today!

Following stringent COVID-19 guidelines and protocols to help provide a safe environment, OYO will host the Winter Workouts at Genesis Sports Performance, located at 5111 E. 65th Street (Indianapolis). Each division will run an exclusive 90-minute weekly session spanning 10 weeks from January 2-March 12. The registration fee is $100 per player.

Once again, don’t delay, register today!

Thank you for choosing OYO as your place for baseball and softball! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Introducing the 2021 OYO Board of Directors, including the OYO President

Congratulations to all 2021 OYO Board Members! On Tuesday, September 8, 2020, the current OYO Board elected a new slate of board members to help continue serve the OYO families in 2021 and beyond. This board of 40+ volunteers will work tirelessly to uphold The OYO Way and continue to grow our program to serve more than 1600 ballplayers and 1000 families each year. These board members will assume their official roles on November 1, 2020.


Each and every family at OYO has their reasons for choosing OYO as their place for baseball and softball. Over the years, we’ve learned families choose — and return to — OYO for many reasons, ranging from our diversity to our focus on equality, from the commitment to player development to game day experiences, from the quantity of teams to the quality of coaching, from the family atmosphere to the park’s proximity, from the concession stand service to the quality of umpiring, and from our Challenger program to rec league to multi-level travel program.

Over the past 46 years, OYO has been blessed with some amazing OYO board volunteers, who collaborate to form dedicated and dutiful board of director groups led by some impressive and selfless OYO Presidents. Looking ahead to 2021, we encourage each and every OYO family to take the time to meet our next OYO President, Brittany Anderson. If you’ve met or collaborated with Brittany before, then you’ve experienced firsthand her ability to craft a vision, rally others around an important cause, execute the finest of details and not only achieve — but also exceed — all expectations and goals. And, if you have not met her, then we are confident you will before her time as OYO President expires and understand why OYO is rallying around her engaging personality, people-friendly demeanor and results-focused approach.


Earlier this year, the OYO Executive Board began to contemplate about the next generation of OYO board members. With a focus on delivering a compelling, productive and memorable experience for each and every ballplayer and family, we discussed the characteristics, skills and traits needed in this capacity to continue OYO’s trajectory of growth and development. When we started identifying who could provide the leadership and vision necessary, we collectively identfied the same tireless volunteer — Brittany Anderson. As you will soon discover, Brittany will execute with grace, lead with humility, plan with precision, motivate with compassion and listen with clarity.


An Indianapolis native and Lawrence Central graduate, where she played varsity softball, Brittany has been a baseball and softball coach at OYO since 2017. She has a wonderful husband, Kevin Anderson, and three children with diplomacy well beyond their years — including two who play rec ball and rec travel baseball and softball at OYO. She has served on the OYO Board for the past three years, including roles of Junior Rookie Commissioner and Vice President of Travel. In both roles, she spearheaded significant growth in those divisions by increasing Junior Rookie participation by nearly 33% year over year and more than doubled our full-time travel participation for 2021 (and achieving the second highest number of FTT players at OYO ever in a single season). While those numbers are impressive in and of itself, just by looking at the retention of coaches, the roster similarities year over year and the overall satisfaction of our travel families, you have witnessed Brittany’s impact first hand.


Through her steady leadership, guidance and dedication, Brittany’s visible presence will uphold the values and ideals of our rec league and travel programs while ensuring full compliance with our policies and memories for all. Most notably, Brittany’s impact has been felt throughout our 2020 Fall Ball season, as we achieved and maintained substantial participation while balancing COVID-19 challenges and protocols. Thank you to Brittany Anderson for her willingness to embrace the call for leadership and accepting the duties of serving as OYO President. The OYO Board of Directors is ready to follow Brittany’s leadership to meet the needs of a league that consists of two Challenger teams, 800+ spring season players, 600+ fall ball players, 100+ full-time travel players, multiple travel tournaments, an amazing umpire crew, a dedicated concession stand staff, awesome fans and spectators and countless volunteers.



President* Brittany Anderson
Executive Vice President* Randy Working
1st Vice President* Justin Sturm
2nd Vice President* Mario Covarrubias
Vice President of Game Day Operations* Michael DeSanto
Vice President of Travel Baseball* Scott Maskel
Vice President of Travel Softball* Curtis Dillman
Treasurer* Karen Grese
Secretary* Danae Horban
Equipment Chairperson Dennis Lewton
Grounds Co-Chairperson Aaron Koehler
Grounds Co-Chairperson Mark Anderson
Grounds Co-Chairperson Josh Ward
Grounds Co-Chairperson Trent Shaffer
Grounds Co-Chairperson Brett Williams
Public Relations Chairperson Nicolle Jordan
Registration Chairperson Kristen Sherman
Rules & Training Chairperson Brandon Booher
Travel Baseball Commissioner Johnny Goldfinger
Travel Baseball Tournaments Larry Stone
Travel Baseball Training and Development Josh Pearson
Travel Baseball Marketing Bryan Lord
Travel Softball Commissioner [open]
Travel Softball Tournaments [open]
Travel Softball Training and Development Chris Rawlins
Travel Softball Marketing Keshia Wilson
Umpires Training Chairperson Andre Beaver
Umpires Scheduling Chairperson Francis Ampil
Ways & Means Co-Chairperson Brittany Anderson
Ways & Means Co-Chairperson Michael DeSanto
Team Parent Chairperson Brandi Beard
Uniforms Chairperson Kristina Snider
Scheduling Chairperson Cherisse Anderson
Marketing Chairperson Michael DeSanto
Survey Chairperson Kendrick James
Safety Chairperson Brent Kuhn
Challenger Commissioner Dale Dye
Tee Ball Commissioner Nytasha Ruiz
Junior Rookie Commissioner Mike Hunneman
Rookie Commissioner Mark Brown
Minor Commissioner Robert Rodriguez
Super Major Commissioner Matt Welp
Junior | Senior Baseball Commissioner Jen Wilkinson
8U Softball Commissioner Stefanie Christensen
10U Softball Commissioner Keshia Wilson
12U Softball Commissioner Kenny Murphy
14U/16U Softball Commissioner Aaron Harding
Co-Ed Softball Commissioner Danae Horban

* denotes OYO Executive Board Member serving term through October 31, 2022


2020 Fall Ball Champions

The 2020 OYO Fall Ball expanded season involved eight memorable weekends and 11 days of games in 2020. All those efforts culminated with our 13th annual Fall Ball Rec League Tournament featuring all of our teams this fall. We witnessed some memorable and competitive games complete with memorable plays and lasting memories.

Below we have summarized our championship game squads in every divisions. As more photos become available, we’ll update these summaries, as well.

We truly appreciate you choosing OYO as your place for baseball and softball. We wish each and every ballplayer and family a memorable offseason.